My New Favorite Fruit Salad Recipe!

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Sharing My New Favorite Fruit Salad Recipe which I whipped up this morning. I receive a farm box every other Friday, and today I wanted to finish up everything left from last week’s box. I put together this salad and it is delicious! Give it a try!

Kaye's favorite fruit salad with avocado

Kaye’s favorite fruit salad with avocado

Kaye’s Best Fruit Salad

~ Ingredients ~

1 apple

2 pears

1 bacon avocado

1 large valencia orange


1/4 c. raw goat yogurt, or plain yogurt

2 tbl. extra virgin olive oil

1 small shallot, sliced thin

apple cider vinegar to cover shallot

~ Directions ~

Slice the shallot and cover with vinegar and set aside for 20-30 minutes. Chop apple and pears (I had two different varieties) matchstick style (long and skinny pieces). Section the orange and halve the pieces. Cut the avocado into chunks. Toss lightly.

Raw goat yogurt is not easy to come by, so substitute your favorite plain yogurt. I also used homemade pineapple vinegar that someone made for me. After shallot has soaked in vinegar, strain and discard. (for more onion flavor, roughly chop the shallot and mix into salad.) Whisk the vinegar and oil into the yogurt and pour over salad and gently toss. Refrigerate or serve immediately. Enjoy!

Handmade bowl by Gabriella Koza.



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