About Late Bloomer

About Late Bloomer – Kaye Kittrell is a long-time actor, writer/director, who has recently found a passion for gardening. Her creation,”Late Bloomer,” web series and blog, seeks to entertain, enlighten and inspire the gardener and late bloomer in all of us.

Kaye is converting her small yard in Pacific Palisades, CA, to an edible garden and sharing her experience. Catch the “Late Bloomer” bug! Please write in! She can use all the advice she can get! Also, let’s get the gardening conversation going on Facebook. Share photos and gardening tips. https://www.facebook.com/LateBloomerShow. Late Bloomer is also on Instagram, Pinterest and Google+. Please subscribe and share!

“I think it’s (Late Bloomer) a wonderful idea whose time has come, because in the future, the issue won’t be the PRICE of food, it will be whether we can get it at all. I wish you success with your endeavor. It is the most clever thing on the market today.”Malachi Throne, Actor

“Most of what you’re covering (in Late Bloomer episodes) is how we all began. It’s only with time and experience that you become a master gardener.” – Dorothea Petrosky, Master Gardener

 Love your videos!  You have such an effervescent personality…I feel like I’m meeting a new friend!  I like the way you share information…so that I can understand it and find that it’s easy to follow your guidance.  Now I know that even I can grow tomatoes and zucchini!!  (And I think the watering can and whistling are cute!!) –  Mei Ling Moore, Former TV Production Associate