Salt Brine Olives

| October 29, 2018 | 2 Replies
How to Salt Brine Olives

This year was the first I have attempted to harvest and collect my olives. You can see the video of Erick, my garden helper, and I harvesting from my two olive trees. I didn’t get to brine for four days, and when I did, I was met with an army of maggots. Gardening for six years has cured me of the gross out factor, so I managed my first brine just fine. (Except, I forgot to burp the jars and had a minor mess to clean up.) Here is How to Salt Brine Olives. Please watch and share!

Since this first harvest, I have harvested two more times, much smaller harvests. As I point out in the harvesting video, the olive fruit fly is a fact of life here in Southern California, and dealing with maggots is what you have to go through to have olives to eat, or to press into oil, which I hope to do next year. I salt brined another two quarts, plus one half pint on Friday.

Three Days on the Homestead
How to Salt Brine Olives - Doug

Kaye with Doug and Stacy on the Homestead

Since the first brine, I have had a life-changing trip to Missouri to spend the better part of three days with Doug and Stacy on their homestead. Not only have they managed to successfully build a homestead in the country after raising a family and careers, but they have a very successful YouTube channel. I learned so much, and I hope you will watch all three parts. Thanks for reading! ~ Kaye

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  1. Yari says:

    I can’t find the link to the video where the lady explains to you that it’s ok to eat olives with maggots. I’ve brined them but am still skeptical about the maggots & can’t find any other videos on if it’s safe to eat or not.

    • Rachel Morris says:

      Yes – I’d love to hear more. It’s so energy intensive that it would be good to hear if you/people like the way they taste! I don’t mind rinsing off worms, but I’m thinking – yah, why slice the olive? Also, what if they aren’t good… Anyone have some information? I just love this show.

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