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Order my new tomato DVD! Destined for sale on Amazon, “Growing Heirloom Tomatoes,” the five part series, is available to order here at a discounted price for a limited time.

Growing Heirloom Tomatoes 5-Part Series

Kaye’s first DVD ! Click photo to order!

I worked hard to bring you a colorful DVD cover and disc that you will be proud to own, or give as a gift. From seeding and planting to dealing with pests, and bountiful harvests, this series has it all!

There are three reasons to own your own Late Bloomer DVD:

1) Share with others, get them inspired to grow their own food!

2) Watch on your big screen TV from the comfort of your sofa or recliner!

3) Help support more Late Bloomer episodes! Your support is appreciated!

Reflections on My First Live Webcast - Purchase Here

Click to order DVD today!


I receive a small commission for promoting products I’ve used and believe in. Your support of these products helps me to continue to produce “Late Bloomer” episodes to inspire people to grow their own food and take control over their food security. Click on links or photos to order products! Thank you!

Help me inspire people to grow their own food and take control over their food security. Your donation of any amount makes “Late Bloomer” possible and available for anyone.


Thank you!


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  1. Bridget galassi says:

    Where are off the grid living areas in missouri?

    Any resources to find land or properties?

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