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Follow My Journey

I got pretty comfortable developing my garden over the last seven years, but now my home of 25 years where the idea of Late Bloomer was born is on the market, and putting it there in November I knew was going to be risky. So, I’ve stepped outside my comfort zone, and I’m asking my fans to follow my journey to Late Bloomer Garden 2.0.

Follow my journey

Late Bloomer Garden in October 2019

Between October area wildfires and holidays in November and December, it will be January before an offer might come. Meanwhile, I remain in limbo, with an apartment rented nearby, empty until there is a sale. What furniture I didn’t sell or give away is part of the staging.

The stress of change can really do a person in, but, I have been blessed by many Late Bloomer angels, some I’ve met and others online. They showed up to help when I put out the word I needed it, and friends and family have provided love and emotional support. Folks, the impact of “empty nest” cannot be underestimated on a mother.

Many people have asked why I am selling the home and garden I love. Well, I’m not the only owner of the property and to settle assets and debts, it must be sold. I can’t afford to keep up the property on my own and real estate on the west side of Los Angeles is very expensive. Therefore, I must rent. This apartment dwelling only allows for a pot in the walkway, so I will be looking for my next garden to love once I get settled. And my channel will continue to inspire through the transition!

Big Wins of 2019

Amidst the chaos, there have been some big wins this year, most importantly, gaining nearly 33,000 new subscribers to my channel. I began live streaming this time last year with my son Walker sharing “Happy Holidays” from Minneapolis. This Christmas, I am again with Walker in his new home of Austin, Texas. From barbecue to catfish to pho, I have been sharing #wheninTexas hashtags on Instagram of food that I have eaten.

Also in 2019, I learned I can grow corn in cloth pots on a driveway, and use a pine tree as a trellis for growing loofah and dragon fruit cactus, and had my biggest plum harvest ever, great news for small space gardeners. That plum video became my first viral video!

2019 loofah harvest drying

Additionally, faithful followers that I’d never met were that light at the end of the tunnel when the path forward seemed unclear. Vinita donated her time and energy three 8-hour days and helped get the property in shape when I was hobbling around on a sprained ankle, and Lisa has been helping me to expand my brand with downloadable calendar planners, and lots more exciting ideas I will be implementing in 2020. Click image to download your free calendar now!

January Calendar Planner

At each livestream, we will pull out the calendars and I will share my schedule with you so that you can follow my journey. Planned so far, Nashville January 24th-29th, Phoenix March 6th-9th, and I’ll be back in Austin in April. I plan to connect with fans and other garden channel creators everywhere I go.

For the first time, I have merchandise available to order online. Start the new year with a Late Bloomer T-shirt. Wear it with pride while supporting my channel!

Late Bloomer T-shirt

And this I’ve wanted to do for a decade. I premiered a new website that combines all that I do, acting, photography, content creating and screenwriting into one site, I hope you will check it out and learn more about me and follow my journey in 2020, which will include more visits to gardens, searching for Late Bloomer Garden 2.0, learning to grow what I can in an apartment, and sharing amazing people and places.

Best Garden of 2019

A new Late Bloomer fan from northern San Diego County invited me down to visit the permaculture paradise Finch Frolic Garden. Mother-daughter team, Diane and Miranda Kennedy, have developed an educational food forest which requires no fertilizer and very little water and attracts hundreds of wildlife species. I encourage you to watch my visit here and plan to book a tour when you are next in the area.

My Heart-Filled Gratitude

Turns out, 2019 was a year of accomplishments! I could not feel more grateful and blessed to have such amazing fans, friends and family, and I want to wish you all a happy holiday season filled with love, joy and peace. Here is my favorite Late Bloomer holiday card from 2016 when I used pine shavings for fake snow, photographed by Heather Muro who designed and sells my Late Bloomer Collection bracelet on Etsy.

Late Bloomer Holiday Card 2016

Follow my journey in 2020 as I search for my forever property, where I envision creating my homestead as a legacy for my sons, and I promise you more inspiring content. Your support is greatly appreciated, and please leave me a comment if you have experienced upheaval in your life this year. Let’s embrace 2020 together! – Kaye

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