Blog Policies

Blog Policies


This blog serves to support “Late Bloomer” web series, which chronicles Kaye’s first-time gardening experiences growing vegetables in a front yard urban Los Angeles garden, and the connections she makes along the way. It is a place where Kaye can post photos of real-time garden successes and issues (photos are posted the day or day after they are captured), and hopefully inspire and be inspired by others. This blog is for late bloomers and anyone interested in gardening, the issue of food safety, and dirt, the source of which all life depends. Kaye would like to encourage every visitor to “Late Bloomer” web series and blog to think about respecting dirt, water and air and Mother Nature.


This blog, like “Late Bloomer” web series, is a family-friendly place where ideas are shared. Kind comments are always welcome, even constructive, or instructive, ones. Unfriendly comments will be deleted. Life’s just too short for spreading negativism.


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Product Reviews

“Late Bloomer” will not participate in paid reviews. However, “Late Bloomer” would be happy to review complimentary products and give honest evaluations in return. “Late Bloomer” will only post reviews on products that Kaye is pleased with and her viewers and readers would be interested in. Contact Kaye at


The content of this blog, including all photographs and text, as well as all content on the “Late Bloomer” web episodes, are the sole property of the blog administrator and Duck River Productions, and may not be copied or used without permission. You are welcome to link to this blog or “Late Bloomer” web series as long as proper credit is given.

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