Sweet Potato Leek Cream Soup Recipe

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Here’s my Sweet Potato Leek Cream Soup Recipe! This soup is embarrassingly simple and sweetly delicious. I had ordered purple flesh sweet potatoes from my farm box, and leeks. I’ve made this potato leek soup for 20 years or more, but had never tried it with sweet potatoes. I’m currently out of my homegrown potatoes, so I decided to give it a try with sweet potatoes and it was delicious and slightly purple!

Sweet Potato Leek Cream Soup

sweet potato leek cream soup recipe

Kaye’s purple sweet potato leek cream soup

~ Ingredients ~

3 small to medium-size purple sweet potatoes

1 medium to large leek

milk or cream


salt and pepper to taste

~ Directions ~

Wash and slice potatoes into 1/8 to 1/4″ rounds. Thinly slice leek. Layer into a large, wide skillet or deep frying pan. Add desired spices such as garam masala, thyme, coriander, curry spices, ground cumin, garlic salt, salt, pepper. It’s really up to you, whatever flavors you like, (I used a little of all of the above, except for garlic salt) and sprinkle around the top of vegetables. Add enough water to come to top. Cover and gently simmer till tender, 10-15 minutes (sweet potatoes cook a bit faster than potatoes). When cool enough to handle, blend in blender. Add enough milk or cream to desired thickness. Stir. Serve and enjoy! If you want to serve later, add the milk or cream when ready to serve.



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