How I Am Using The BIG TIMEOUT

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I thought I would share how I am using THE BIG TIMEOUT. I have now been isolated due to the Coronavirus, COVID-19, since March 17th, and I am focused on remaining calm and creating order in the chaos of my apartment. And a big priority was editing and uploading my SWEET GOODBYE to Late Bloomer Garden 1.0. For all who have seen and been inspired by this garden, I hope you will watch and share with others. I’m very proud of this tribute.

Why is my apartment chaotic? Well, with the help of generous friend, Stan, I moved in the last three carloads of my stuff during a rain storm on March 16th. We were rushing to get it all in before dark. Everything was set down wherever there was a space. There was some order before that last weekend, but after that chaotic Monday, all hope was lost.

messy office

Messy office last week

Why do I say all hope was lost? Because I arrived at my new place with a severe case of laryngitis which developed into a major chest cold. An entire week went by, while I only managed to wash a load of clothes in the bathtub and hang them on the clotheslines here to dry.

Laundry drying on clothesline

In addition, I also put a large metal shelving unit together, which was really a two-person job, and was able to get a dozen boxes off the kitchen floor. You will recognize my outdoor chairs and table from my Cozy Corner. (If you love hand knits, you will want to watch this video.)

kitchen metal shelf

Kitchen shelving unit

Thankfully, Amazon is still delivering non-medical supplies, or I would not have also been able to start organizing the closet in my office with these metal filing cabinets. Doing these projects alone was daunting, but I managed. Cabinets had to be removed from boxes in doorway, and boxes broken down and flattened on landing, and carried to alley without bringing into the apartment.

Filing cabinet

Filing cabinet in doorway

New filing cabinets, which I dragged on a tarp into office

During the process of filling up these filing cabinets, I ran across this photo taken of me some years ago by my dear friend, Buck Henry, who passed away a few weeks ago. When we would have lunch, he would bring his new digital camera, and I would bring my old Rolleiflex, and we would photograph one another. I am wearing my favorite scarf I knitted.

Kaye Kittrell by Buck Henry

Kaye Kittrell by Buck Henry

However, no progress had been made on my dining room until yesterday, which was a horror I merely passed through to get to the kitchen.

Dining room yesterday

Dining Room organized

Dining Room a few hours later

While it may seem like it’s still a mess, at least all the boxes containing kitchen stuff have been moved into the kitchen and stuff put away, and the other boxes somewhat neatened up. I have purchased two air purifiers from Medify Air, a family owned company. I look forward to writing a review of them soon.

In addition to these developments, I managed to shoot, edit and upload my first video of the community garden here and show an update on my plants. I am also holding two livestreams a week during the lockdown. Today’s was just over two hours! Please watch, like, and share, and help me continue to grow my channel during this transition. I can’t wait to be gardening, and bringing more inspiration to everyone watching!

That’s a taste of how I am using The BIG TIMEOUT. How are YOU managing? We are all on this journey together. Stay well! – Kaye

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  1. all last year I had a male friend who went through a divorce and lost his home and house that he had worked on for 12 years then finally got a place that was a falling down wreck but at least its his own and he’s handy and can fix it . I know so many who have lost their beloved gardens and taken small tokens with them .. life IS change and sometimes we cant get to o78ur future enlightened selves without going through what is often a painfull struggle .. I am grateful to have my oldest who has just finished chemo staying here with me though it is mostly me alone as usually in this enormous acre of gardens I work on. Several of my bartering helpers have decided to garden where they live with this virus putting fear into everyone . I am sure you will have your little nest organized and you moving on to your future adventure when this all runs its course Stay safe and healthy!
    With Love ,
    Your friend :)Sharon

    • Oh, I hope so, Sharon! It seems like I make a little progress in one room, and all the other rooms pile up. I’ve never had such a time, but makes me realize how dependent I was on 1xweek helpers Dinora in the house and Erick in the garden. And my intern Celene was incredibly helpful in getting me packed up and help me move countless carloads over here. I hope your daughter beats her cancer. She couldn’t be in a healthier place to recover, of that I am sure! Love you, Kaye

  2. lana says:

    Why did you have to say goodbye to your incredible garden? I’m in MI and only dream of such splendor in my backyard…. where your garden appears to be. But, I do hope you are feeling better, and that you are able to return to your garden soon

    • My property had to be sold. I will not be returning. That was my sweet goodbye. Time to move on. When this crisis is over, I’ll resume my search for another garden, probably in Tennessee.

      Thanks for being a follower of Late Bloomer!!


  3. Judith H Fannin says:

    Kaye I got the sound and caught up with you a little If you movee to Nashville we can visit when THIS is over I want to sign up to help on a monthly basis if its on pay pal Im fencing in my flower gardena so i can grow veggies but ill still have white sweet potatoes pumpkins and flowers in catlettsburg, l harvested 180 lbs of OHenry Benita White and Beauregard this Fall and made candied sweet potatoes for 125 at first Presbyterian and 150 at first Christian Thanksgiving! Lots of my friends were sitting in my new colored chairs and enjoying my beautiful paatio! the perennial beds are bursting with peony buds and iris daylilies phlox lupines greening aaway! Miss you

  4. Rhonda says:

    I tried to order your free gardening guide but it gave me a warning “the connection is not private” and it wanted me to put in my password in order to override my “trust certificate” to be able to access it. I don’t feel comfortable with that. Is there another way to get the guide?

    I just found your youtube videos today. Thank you for all of your great videos and information.

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