How I Made the Most of New Years Day

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You can see How I Made the Most of New Years Day in today’s vlog! I made this especially for my subscribers who are snowed in and unable to garden. We do have issues in California, but nice weather is not one of them. It is usually nice. We’ve had a lot of rain recently and more on the horizon (too bad it’s coming all at once), but New Years Day was glorious. You will see my critters, flowers, seeding and planting and much more, PLUS a beautiful sunset. All with great music, in fact, my best vlog yet!

How I Made the Most of New Years Day

One of six Monarch caterpillars chomping away on New Years Day

Granted I don’t push myself quite that hard every day! I hope you will watch and share and help me get more subscribers.

And while you are on my channel, please watch my new “Late Bloomer,” this years bean report, Growing Beans: Varieties, Methods, Harvest, Shelling. My darling young neighbor Zachary is back helping me shell beans.


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