New Decade, New Digs

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New Decade, New Digs

After being a homeowner with a garden for 25 years, I will be an apartment dweller in search of a garden to love. Because my property is on the market, I had to secure an apartment as my landing place. In the meantime, I have been moving carloads of boxes over as I can. On Sunday, I filmed my first video in my new kitchen, and set up a Nordamark micro-greens grow kit. In the fall, the micro-greens company sent me their new sprouts grow kit to try, and I set it up in this first video. Please watch!

Kaye Kittrell in white kitchen

Kaye reveals her new white kitchen

Unfortunately, my apartment does not have a garden opportunity, only space in the walkway for a couple of dwarf trees in pots. So, it will be tough to choose which two to take.

Apartment row of pots

Rows of pots line the buildings

Catch up on recent videos

As it happens, my mother is winding down after a blessed life. Therefore, I have been trying to see her every month or two.

Bobbie June Kittrell and Kaye Kittrell

Mother and Me

Between maintaining a home on the market, moving to my apartment in increments, and trips to see my mother in Tennessee, not to mention, visiting my son in his new home in Austin, Texas, I have had precious little time for my website and creating content. However, I did manage a few inspiring videos and I hope you will watch!

For example, I filmed a tour of my home for the first time. Here’s a look at my home interior as it looks staged.

Kaye's Home Interior

Kaye invites you into her home for the first and only time

Additionally, take a look at what was blooming and producing in the January Late Bloomer garden.

Kaye’s new garden hat, citrus!

Above all, a video I am very proud of, Scones, Textiles and Tales of London, with my dear friend, Hazel Butterfield Tate. Never have I received such glowing, warm comments! For instance, viewers remarked they could spend a day with Hazel and listen to all of her stories of growing up in post-war London. In addition, see her unique handmade textiles and watch her make scones. If you would like to see more interview videos of this type, please let me know!

Kaye and Hazel with scones

Kaye and Hazel at her home in Pacific Palisades

Upcoming Projects

Yesterday, I went live with my new garden host, Moira Prophet Siskind, who has invited me to makeover her front yard into an all edibles garden. This project will be filmed over a number of weeks, step by step. So you won’t miss an upload, please ensure you are subscribed to my channel and have clicked the bell for notifications.

I’m very excited about the inspiring content I plan to bring you this new decade in my new digs. If you are going through major life changes and challenges, please leave a comment. – Kaye

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