Late Bloomer Production Team

Late Bloomer Production Team:

Kaye Kittrell

Kaye Kittrell, Host and Creator 








Kaye Kittrell, Writer/Host/Director/Producer/D.P. • • Kaye is an actress, photographer, filmmaker, environmentalist, food activist, mother, and gardener!  “Late Bloomer,” garden web series and blog offers Kaye an opportunity to combine all her creative talents and share her love for Mother Nature, the excitement and education of growing your own food, organic food and family farmers, as well as the important issue of food safety.

Megan Oldfield, Editor of Late Bloomer Show

Megan Oldfield, Editor 







Megan Adeff (formerly Oldfield), Editor  •  Megan has worked in the Film and Video industry for over 20 years.  Starting as a Producers Assistant and learning the ropes from pre-production through post, she then joined a three-man documentary team and shot in locations like an Encenada prison in Mexico and the mountains of Nepal.  She also worked both on set and in live shows as a teleprompter operator and ultimately found her love as an editor of video and film.  Now, with 10 years of experience as an editor she has worked on everything from 30 second TV spots to music videos and documentary shorts.  Megan wanted to work on “Late Bloomer,” the web series because, “after a lifetime of everything I touched dying in its pot, I was confronted with four rose bushes that I managed to learn to care for, and they came to life producing dozens of beautiful and aromatic flowers each, for months!  I discovered I did have a green (light) thumb after all.”

Christina Horgan

Christina Horgan, Sound Editor

Christina Horgan, Sound Editor  • •  After a successful career in graphic design, Christina Horgan turned her talents to sound editing.  Christina fell in love with all those little sounds that are hardly perceptible, but add immeasurable quality to a film production.  Then, there’s all the big stuff too, like marrying a picture to dialogue, music and F/X. Like any creative position, a sound editor must give heart, soul and their finely tuned ears to every project they work on, and Christina does that in spades.  She is a graduate of Video Symphony Audio School & Engineering in Burbank, CA where she received her training by award winning working veterans in the industry of film and music including premiere sound editor, Victoria Sampson, whose long list of film credits can be matched only by her generosity in helping others in the entertainment business, Christina is building her own sound legacy.  Never seeking the spotlight, she relishes being a behind-the-scenes doer.

Mika Tanisaki

Mika Tanisaki, Motion Graphics Artist

Mika Tanisaki, Motion Graphics  • • •  Mika is a Graphic Designer with animation expertise residing in Los Angeles, CA. She received a Design Communications Arts Certificate from UCLA Extension and is a graduate from Art Center College of Design with a BFA in Photography. Mika designed the opening and closing titles for “Late Bloomer” as well as business cards, website design, e-book design and critter animations.

Jon Pileggi

Jon Pileggi, Composer, Musician







Jon Pileggi, Composer, Guitarist, Season 2-present, 2013 •• • Raised in Southern California, Jon’s musical influence developed from listening to The Beatles and then the band Cream. He fell in love with the guitar and knew then he wanted to become a professional guitarist after absorbing all the Eric Clapton riffs he could learn. Jon tore through Led Zeppelin records and took on the influence of Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Mike Bloomfield and other guitar players such as Steve Howe from the band Yes. Jon spent his teen years absorbed in music and playing at school dances at several high schools in the San Fernando Valley and Hollywood. Jon’s first tour was with the band “Freefare”, right after high school. His love of music continued to spread into other genres which lent their influences to what has developed into his own signature guitar sound. We are thrilled Jon joins the Late Bloomer team in the second season, to compose and play guitar.

Charlotte McMillan

Charlotte McMillan, Composer of “Late Bloomer” Theme Music

Charlotte McMillan, Composer of  “Late Bloomer” Theme and Additional Music 2012 • • •  Charlotte composes music for film and video games.  Her music has covered a wide range of styles, from a sweeping orchestral composition for the XBox game Advent Rising to 1970’s funk for an animation short to Renaissance-flavored music for the video game GHOST Chronicles.  Her music has been performed at the Hollywood Bowl and has been featured in films shown in film festivals throughout the United States.

Brenda Cooper  • • •  “Whatever you do, do it with style!” says Brenda Cooper, television’s pre-eminent fashion expert and image consultant when talking about her approach to awakening a person’s sense of self through clothing, color, and confidence. Many know and trust Brenda as the co- host on “E! Fashion Emergency Extreme Makeover” where she takes people from drab to dramatic. But her small screen style makeovers reflect only a portion of her versatile talent. This London born style expert, former model, and working mom won an Emmy Award for her costume design talents on the hit T.V. series “The Nanny” and today is also a popular corporate spokesperson.  She is currently the costume designer for the hit show, “Happily Divorced.” Brenda advised on the colors of “Late Bloomer,” from graphics to clothes.

Matthew Studebaker, Duck Photographer • •  Matthew grew up memorizing the field guides to birds and visiting art museums, fostering interests in both biology and art. Bird photography became the perfect marriage between the two fields, and he now leads bird photography workshops around the country and is one of the two U.S. moderators for the birds forum on When Kaye searched for a duck photo appropriate to Duck River in TN, Matthew’s stunning bird photography filled the bill! He provided the stills to create the duck animation in the Duck River Productions logo.

"Woodie" by Matthew Studebaker

“Woodie” by Matthew Studebaker, Duck Photographer