Almost There

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Almost There!

Almost there! - Kaye

You’ll find this in your email notifications on Thursday!

I made 17 videos in October and 14 in November, with only the help of my sound editor. Contrast that in the years of Late Bloomer Show, with 20 episodes per year. I’m clocking 60 hours a week between editing, traveling, gardening and social media to bring you up to date on all my travels from last year and new developments in my garden.

Check out my latest uploads from South Carolina and Georgia! As well as a well-received video from Northern Germany about Ranka’s Medicinal plant garden. I specialize in finding inspiring people, and I’ve been amazed by the people I’ve met. I hope you enjoy their stories!

And I made a quick run over to Phoenix and shot 5 videos in two days, all online! If you love to help bees, Part 5 is a must-see!

Which means, by the end of December, I will have edited all of my Europe (16 in England, 3 in Holland, and 8 in Germany, well the last one I shot in a Brooklyn back yard garden on the way home), and my Southeast series (I lost count, but only 3 more to go!). I’m almost there!

This has been an interesting and challenging year personally, so the one thing that’s kept me going forward is my channel and my subscribers! I need more YouTube subscribers, at least double, to start becoming sustainable next year, so if, in addition to sharing, each one of you would make a commitment to support my work, I would be grateful. Here are ways you can help! – Thank you!

HOW YOU CAN HELP support Late Bloomer channel and website: 

1) Make a direct PayPal donation! Keep Late Bloomer blooming!

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3) Order a Growing Heirloom Tomatoes DVD from any page on this website.

4) Order the Late Bloomer Bracelet Collection and LB will receive a $5 donation.

5) Order Botanical Interests seeds through my affiliate link! I receive a small commission for promoting products I’ve used and believe in. Click the button to go to their website.

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  1. Paul Dekoning says:

    Hi there,you like gardening like me,rain hail or snow.its good to see your garden grow and your enthusiasm makes a good example of what can be done,atb Paul

    • Thank you, Paul! We’ve never had so much rain! I did manage to plant a few seeds, as you will see in recent videos. Thanks so much for reading! Happy gardening!

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