Watch Small Batch Tomato Canning

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Small Batch Tomato Canning, Dollhouse, Catfish!

I’m finally getting through the content I shot last year, and in the latest upload Mary demonstrates small batch tomato canning. Plus, you see an AMAZING handmade dollhouse, a lot of Japanese beetles and catfish. Check out my Return to Landhaven, my next to last stop in July, 2017. I visited this Century Farm for an episode of Season 3 of Late Bloomer, but it happened to be in March and it was CHILLY! Please watch them both and let me know if you try Mary’s method of small batch tomato canning! #The lemon is added to the tomato spread to insure the acid level in the spread. Tomatoes can not safely be water bathed without it.

Small Batch Tomato Canning

Mary tasting the tomato spread

Coming up last in the series is a return visit to Charles at Old Alabama Gardener channel. We sit down for a good old chat, about butterflies (or lack thereof), health and mortality, the chemicals in our lives, how he got started on his 40-year property and much more. In fact, the interview is Part 1 and 2, and we check out the farm and he cooks for me in Part 3. If you love Charles, these videos are must-sees.

Small Batch Tomato Canning - Charles

Kaye and Charles, July, 2017 – Click photo for my first visit!

Late Bloomer Merchandise

In addition, I mentioned offering merchandise in my last rain video. The response was so positive, I’ve been doing some research. Since my time is limited, I’d rather not get into having to collect and pay sales tax (to CA residents). Also, custom mugs just plain cost more. They are handmade by a small batch potter in Phoenix that I have bought numerous pieces from. The price for mug and shipping is $38.00, and that leaves my channel with about $8 per cup. It’s not a lot of money, but I wanted for at least a few of my fans to have one.

Small Batch Tomato Canning - mug

Late Bloomer Custom Mug, gift for $40 or more donation!

So, I’m going to distribute these as gifts for donations to my channel. For every donation of $40 or more, you will receive a mug. USA only at this point! If for any reason, the mugs are not fulfilled, your donation will be returned. Just click my PayPal link and be sure to leave a mailing address! I am going to guarantee her upfront costs to make one dozen mugs, and the first dozen donations will receive a mug and my thanks! If the response is big, I will order another 12, and another. I’m also thinking of offering them in my “Bloomer” green! Also, I may offer them with a hole in the bottom to use as a planter! Please specify if you want a hole in the bottom, or if you would like the main color to be green. – Kaye

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  1. Great Post. You should make it clear that the lemon is added to the tomato spread to insure the acid level in the spread. Tomatoes can not safely be water bathed without it.

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