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My green juice recipe appears below, as requested. This is the green vegetable juice I have made almost every week since 2000. I just call it “green juice.” This is an alkaline drink which our bodies desperately need, because, I understand, an overly acidic body leads to disease. Meat, dairy and many other foods are acid, which is why it’s so important to alkalinize.

Green Vegetable Juice

My Green Juice

(I use percentages instead of measurements, because I have no idea if you might be making a glass to knock down immediately, or a gallon to put in the frig.)

Late Bloomer Green Juice – My Green Juice Recipe

– Ingredients, All Organic* –

50% Celery (Rich in natural Sodium – Read about the powers of celery juice )

25% Zucchini (Loaded with Potassium)

20% Carrots (Loaded with Vit A and Beta-Carotene)

5% Parsley (High in essential Vitamin K)

1 Heaping TBL of Raw, Unheated Honey Per Quart (here’s a great honey)

You may also add other fresh leafy greens of your choice, such as spinach, kale and chard.

– Instructions –

Preferably with a twin gear juicer, which crushes rather than scrapes vegetables, juice the desired amount of juice. Put small amount of juice in blender and blend the total amount of honey into the juice. Add the sweetened juice back to the whole amount and stir well. Distribute evenly between jars or glasses. If you are storing juice to drink later, fill juice to the very top and seal with tight seal lids, keeping the very minimum amount of air in the jar. Must be used within 3-4 days. When juice loses it’s bright green color, it’s lost its primary health benefit (and doesn’t taste as good). Clean-up of the machine is a bit of a chore, so I like to make enough juice to last for 3-4 days. If you are out of honey, don’t let that stop you from juicing! It is drinkable, but, quite, shall we say, stout! You can substitute a ripe organic apple per quart!

*Organic produce is grown in mineral rich soil without pesticides. Here is EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce. If you are making the effort to juice, make it organic!

What are you juicing? Thanks for stopping by! And if you haven’t already, and are on Facebook, please Like and add to your special interests, so you don’t miss out on interesting articles and photos from gardens around the world! Happy Juicing! 🙂 – Kaye

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  1. mziskjr says:

    Thanks. I’ll have to try it. Will it work if I only have a blender?

  2. akroezen says:

    Oh yay, I can answer now! I found a Juiceman Jr. (I don’t know if this is a good juicer or not, but it is better than none at all) just hanging out in a box in my parent’s junk room. So I cleaned it up and got to work. Today, I’m juicing celery, baby spinach, lemon, carrots, and an apple….cause those were all the veggies I could find in the house. Turned out an awful shade of disgusting, but tasted quite nice 🙂

  3. jemil says:

    thank you, i will try the green juice. may i ask if this juice can take by teen agers?

    • Of course! My sons had green juice every morning from 10-15 years old. As with any dietary change, and depending how healthy their diet is already, it’s always a good idea to ease into a new food. Drink 3-4 ounces at least an hour before eating food, preferably first thing in the morning, as green juice is alkaline. Please let me know how it goes!

  4. Ginger says:

    I’m so excited to find your green juice recipe and it’s. Rey very nice to have the nutritional information. You are fabulous to watch in the garden. The knowledge you impart is fabulous. I’m very appreciative for the opportunity to learn from you as a beginning gardener.

    • That’s wonderful, Ginger! Thanks for letting me know and I hope you find lots to enjoy and be inspired by here on my website and my channel. Please share with friends who might enjoy it also!

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