Kentucky Humility and Grace

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Kentucky Humility and Grace

As I work through footage from my recent trip, I am struck by Kentucky Humility and Grace. I should add that Kentuckians are hard workers! As you will see in Part 3 of the series, Lori Bowling is working overtime to serve the residents of Boyd County.

Kentucky Humility and Grace - Lori Bowling

Boyd Co. Horticulture Agent Lori Bowling

In addition to serving as Horticulture Agent, Lori leads the Master Gardener program, which includes teaching 25 inmates at the Federal Prison how to garden each year. You will hear how gardening has turned inmates lives around. She also coordinates the Farmers Market, and though she had commitments, said, if we needed her to show up there on Saturday, she would. I couldn’t ask her to do that. Please honor this hardworking, caring woman and watch her educational and inspiring interview. Learn how your local County Extension Service can help answer your gardening questions.

Coming up, Judy Fannin!

Next in the Kentucky series is cookbook author and gardener Judy Fannin. My Late Bloomer fan, Angie Burnett, had arranged Lori’s interview, because Angie and Jeana (from Part 2) took the Master Gardener program with her.

We met Judy by happy accident, as you will see in Part 4, coming this week. Judy considers giving to others her mission, now that her husband has passed and she is retired. I found it hard to keep up with her while she showed us her garden. Judy “runs circles around these young whippersnappers,’ she said, “they tell me that anyway.” You will be so inspired by this unstoppable, generous woman! She’s already planning to have me come back and give a talk on urban gardening next summer. Kentucky humility and grace was on display everywhere I went.

Moving along on my Europe Series
Kentucky Humility & Grace - Amsterdam

Amsterdam Sights & Surrounding Countryside

At the same time, I’m working through my Europe videos from last summer. My latest, Amsterdam, is a look at my last day in the Netherlands. I captured traveling by train to the city, the sights of Amsterdam and the surrounding countryside, thanks to the auto tour by my Late Bloomer fan, Becky Ezra. Click the photo to watch the striking scenery set to terrific music! (Just a reminder, don’t skip the ads. That’s how us creators make a few pennies. Many thanks!)

Juggling a lot of balls
Kentucky Humility & Grace - KayeKittrell-WalkerKehrer

Kaye with son Walker Kehrer

Presently, I write to you from Maple Grove, Minnesota, my first ever trip to this state! My husband and I came up to see where our son, Walker, lives and works now. He moved last November, but because of my accident, I hadn’t had a chance to get up here.

Walker works for Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed, and yesterday, they held a “Regenerative Renegades” event for their cattle producers and neighbors in Clearwater, Minnesota, to celebrate their 15th year in business. A big component of the day was to share the benefits of holistically managing farm land. An astounding amount of topsoil is lost every year due to, in large part, run-off from corn and soy production. The land has been degraded by chemical use and monoculture over decades, which has killed the biology in the soil. When soil is degenerated, it can’t absorb rain quickly, therefore water runs off and takes the topsoil with it. I was able to film this event, and I am excited to bring you this video in the coming weeks. Soil regeneration is Walker’s mission. If you would like to see Walker at work at his last ranch, click here, “My Cattleman.

I’m working hard to bring you a variety of inspirational content. Please let me know what you find most relevant. Thanks for reading! – Kaye

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