My Holidays with Perspective Message

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Did you catch my Holidays with Perspective Message? Outspeak put out a call for holiday videos with perspective, for example, how you are making the world a better place this holiday. “Outspeak™ is the online video network that empowers a new generation of digital voices, built for the opinionated, charismatic and informative storyteller.” This short video was my offering. Gardening is much more than a personal passion. Thanks to the web, it connects you with the world. And that is what creating “Late Bloomer Urban Garden Show” has done for me. Granted, I need a few thousand more subscribers, or a few patrons, to make it sustainable, but, it has been life-changing for me.

My Holidays with Perspective Message

Late Bloomer Garden at sunrise New Years Day 2017

Consider this letter I received the day before New Year’s Eve from a young fan:

“Hi, Kaye! I’ve been such a huge fan of your show for the past two years, you have rekindled my love for gardening and the joys that come with it. I’m from Modesto California and I’m 16 years old. I loved your message in your holiday video saying that gardening was being kind to Mother Earth and giving back. I have a small flock of chickens and recently heavily mulched my gardening space with compost, leaves, straw, and chicken manure preparing for my garden. I wanted to send you some Thai chili pepper seeds from my grandmother. We sit and watch your videos as I translate to her from English to Cambodian. I wanted to ask if you would be able to send me some loofa seeds. I would LOVE that so much. Keep up the great work. Love all of your videos and they are a joy to my grandma as well. – Isaiah”

(If you missed my “Giving Thanks” video, I mention several other 14 year-old boys around the world who are ardent fans. So, I started the Late Bloomer Teen Fan Club.)

If a letter like this doesn’t make your day, you are not in the inspiration business. That’s the commitment I made to myself about a year into this endeavor ~ gardening and producing a gardening digital series ~ to try to inspire people till the day I die about growing your own food and taking charge of your healthy food security. If you value what I do, and the quality of my “Late Bloomer” episodes, consider becoming a patron for as little as $1 a month. Click here to see my Patreon fundraising page: and check out the rewards for your patronage!

Yesterday, I spent all day filming a New Years Day vlog. I’ll be editing today and hope you will watch, thumbs up and share when you see it’s online. (If you are subscribed, you will get an email notification.) And I have a new episode coming this week, my “Bean Report 2016,” varieties, growing methods, and shelling beans with my 7 year-old neighbor Zachary. The last three episodes of the fifth season have yet to be determined. If there is a topic you’d like to see, please let me know. I want to finish up Season 5, building up to my 100th episode, with a bang!

About making money on YouTube: you are welcome to watch “Late Bloomer” through the viewer on this website, but if you click through to YouTube, you can view it in HD, and, if you allow the ad to run before the video, the channel receives a couple of pennies from Google. That’s why it takes millions of views to make money on YouTube. Many people do not know this and click off the ads. If you are unable to donate, you can still support the channel by watching the whole video, liking (thumbs up), and sharing with friends. Watch time is more important to Google than number of views in your videos being recommended (on the right column), so please hang in there till the end on “Late Bloomer.” I reward those who do with bloopers! – Kaye


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