I Can’t Do Dishes, But I Can Edit

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At least, I can edit.

I can’t do dishes, but I can edit. Of all the various things I initially thought I wouldn’t be able to do with a broken right arm, edit videos was at the top of the list. I wondered, for the first ten days, most of which were spent in acute pain, what I would do to keep up “feeding the content monster,” as I’ve come to affectionately call growing my YouTube channel.

However, I have managed to make ten videos in 26 days! That’s a higher output than before Christmas and my unfortunate accident. Not even breaking the humerus of my dominant arm (and boy, have I found out just how dominant it is) has slowed me down. Though filming was rather painful, using the mouse and keyboard with one hand in a professional editing program IS doable with one hand, just more time-consuming. In fact, my left hand typing is likely faster than some folks using two. I’m covering the keyboard with one hand now.

The importance of learning to type

I remember so well my mother telling me she chose typing in high school over home economics, which was the course young women took to prepare them to be housewives and manage a household, with cooking, sewing, and all the essentials. But, knowing how to type would give her a skill outside homemaking. Growing up poor picking cotton in rural Alabama is not something she wished to continue into adulthood. She could be a secretary. My father had other plans, however, when he met her and instantly fell in love. Mother was married after two months and was expecting her first child in a year.

My mother turned out to be a good cook anyway. You had to get decent at it if you are setting the table for six three times a day. We ate one meal out at a cafe in town on Sunday after church and the rest of the time she cooked. Some Sundays we went to one of our grandmother’s, both of which had big gardens and cooked their meals from what they grew. That was always a feast, simple dishes from homegrown food. And since we didn’t have a garden, we’d bring home their frozen and canned goods.

I can't do dishes, but I can edit - mother

Bobbie June Kittrell in the 1970’s

The issue now is seeing

Her energy and creativity was boundless, and over the years, she put the typing to good use. She wrote her memoirs and a book of poems on the computer, which she taught herself to use back in the 90’s. I could go on all day about my remarkable mother, the scrapbook queen, furniture maker, sculptor, seamstress, impeccable party-giver, Boy Scout troop mom, building supervisor, quilt maker, and the list goes on. But, wait, this blog was supposed to be about MY accomplishment through adversity!

I talked to my mother yesterday. She’s not happy in her assisted living place. The food and meal service is not great, and when you have lost all your abilities to do anything, sitting down to a great meal is the one thing you have to look forward to each day. And she deserves that. She’s worked hard, and been frugal, in her long life.

Get tested for Macular Degeneration

Especially relevant, if you are over 50, and have not been tested for Macular Degeneration, please do. Early detection can prolong your vision. I acted in a public service announcement for Macular Degeneration (click to watch) two years ago. Soon after, I learned mother had it. She can’t use the keyboard anymore, because she can’t remember how to use the computer. Once, she had beautiful handwriting. Now, she can’t write cursive. She can print, but she can’t read what she has written. Her world is closing in. This is the reality for many who are blessed to live a long life.

I can't do dishes, but I can edit - Mother and Me

Mother and Me, 2013

Finally, I’ve always had an innate urgency to be productive. No doubt, I got that from her. I have not been able to use these last five weeks relaxing and meditating, though that would be beneficial for my healing. I can’t do dishes, but I can edit. So, I’ve made ten videos with my left hand. And I hope you watch them all, and hit the thumbs up button, and share them on social media. My sixth anniversary of “Late Bloomer” is coming up in April, and I must grow my channel, and get more patrons to continue. If you appreciate my content, I hope you will support my work.

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