Two New Growing Peppers Videos

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I have two new growing peppers videos, which detail the complete start to finish experience. This year I grew 36 pepper plants, about 16 varieties, and all looked good till the end of August. While I was away for two nights at the National Heirloom Expo, 31 plants got attacked by leaf miner. My two Orange Thai chili plants left over from 2015 and 2016 were in ground in the front yard. They were struggling with bacterial spot. I concluded, after much research online, that bacterial spot was what had infected all my peppers last year. I was really hoping it would not spread to my 2017 peppers. But, it did.

New Growing Peppers Videos

Leaf Miner damage on pepper leaves

Watch the 2-part series and see how things worked out. In spite of everything – leaf miner, bacterial spot, limited sun, no rain whatsoever – I got a decent harvest. Please be sure to “Like” the video and share with friends! I need your support.

New Growing Peppers Videos - peppers

Pepper Harvest in September

So, I won’t be quitting. I may grow fewer varieties, and fewer plants, and more sweets, but I will be back next year growing peppers.

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