Best Fig Jam Recipe, Super Easy!

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This is the best fig jam recipe! Figs are in season and my brown turkey fig tree is producing 6 to 7 huge figs a day. I decided to make my first cooking video. Please watch and let me know if you like it! This recipe is adapted from Russ Parsons, The California Cook, at He adapted it from Jill Silverman Hough’s recipe found at His small batch recipe calls for 2 pounds of figs, but, I had so many, I doubled it. And, I made some modifications. Plus, I wanted to infuse the fig mixture with some of my fresh herbs and cayenne pepper.

Best fig jam recipe - big figs

My big brown turkey figs

Best Fig Jam Recipe

~ Ingredients ~

3-4 pounds fresh figs, preferably dark

3 Meyer lemons

2 1/4 cups unrefined sugar

3/4 cup sherry, or white port

1/4 tsp. salt

1 cayenne or orange thai chili, seeds removed and chopped

1 bunch fresh lavender & rosemary springs

Best Fig Jam Recipe - figs

Wash figs and herbs

~ Instructions ~

Wash figs, lemons, and herbs. Then, make a cup of nice tea. 🙂

Best fig jam recipe - ingredients

4+ pounds reduced to 3+ after trimming

With a vegetable peeler, peel the yellow part only off of the lemons, then slice the peelings into matchstick size bits. Squeeze lemons.

My Drunken Fig Jam Recipe - lemons

Squeeze lemons after removing the yellow part of peel

Remove stems of the figs and slice into 1/2″ pieces. Add to a deep, large, heavy saucepan. Add sugar, lemon peel, sherry, pepper, salt, and fold in the herbs tied in string. Mix well and let stand in room temperature for an hour. Enjoy your tea!

After standing at room temperature for 1 hour

Bring heat to medium-high and stir until the sugar is dissolved, then lower the heat to medium.

Best fig jam recipe - boiling

Bring mixture to a boil over medium-high heat to dissolve sugar

Stir often to prevent sticking, and remove the pepper and herbs, if desired. Cook for about 30-35 minutes, until the jam sheets off a wooden spoon. Cool, and ladle into jars for the refrigerator, or process them for canning. This batch made six half-pints.

*The alcohol burns off in the cooking process, leaving the flavor behind.

Best Fig Jam Recipe - jars

Best Fig Jam Recipe produced 6 jars


Next, Kaye cooks tomato jam!

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  1. Aadi Ghoshal says:

    3 years ago i made some jam out of pineapple is the same way you made plum jam,but in pineapple guava jam you have to put a bit of strawberry can eat it with vanilla ice cream . actually it was one of my grandmother’s recipes.

  2. Shrishti Motwani says:

    Hello, loved your jam recipe. Can you advise if how much spoon of cayenne pepper can be used if one is not having natural cayenne chilli at home.

    Also I have 3.4 pounds of figs so how many pounds sugar would do.

    Thank yoh

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