Build Compost with Seaweed

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Learn how to build compost with seaweed with guest Ranka Tessin in Northern Germany in the latest “Late Bloomer!” Kaye’s wanted to do a soil episode for a long time. She decides to go collect some seaweed after seeing Ranka’s clips and reading her letter, which she shares.

Build Soil with Seaweed - Ranka Tessin

Ranka Tessin collects seaweed for compost

Also, one of Kaye’s favorite garden YouTuber’s, Siloe Oliveira from Suburban Homestead, created a special segment for Kaye’s long awaited big SOIL episode! Please watch and share with friends!

Build Compost with Seaweed - Siloe Oliveira

Special Segment by Siloe Oliveira – Suburban Homestead

Please let me know if you decide to build compost with seaweed. This is the next to last episode of Season 5. If you’d like to see a Season 6 of “Late Bloomer,” consider becoming a patron of the channel. Patrons can be more involved in the process of creating content and feel a part of the “Late Bloomer” team, and there are perks to being a patron. Be sure to check out Kaye’s page by clicking here.

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  1. Alicia Krüger says:

    Morning Kay.

    My name is Alicia. I live in South Africa. We are heading into fall now. I love that you did this episode on sea weed and sea grass! I’m visiting my parents at the beach in April. We have winter from May to August so it’s the ideal time for me to get see weed from her and add it to my compost pile. My initial plan was to gather sea weed; blend it up and take home the concentrate as fertilizer. I’ll then dilute it into my water buckets when I water my garden. Do you think that could work? Maybe I should do both…
    I absolutely LOVE your show!

    Lots of Love.

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