Raised Bed Reboot Rebooted!

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Raised Bed Reboot Rebooted! Today’s been one of those days. After uploading over 150 videos to my “Late Bloomer” channel, you still make mistakes. Or, I do. I’m still learning this bear called editing, and my export last night had an extra :24 of black on it. Which I didn’t notice, unfortunately until it was public on YouTube. Well, I had to make that export private and start it all over, which interrupts that big influx of views right after you publish. I finally got it sorted out and back online, but who knows what views I may have missed?

Raised Bed Reboot Rebooted!

Borage as mulch on raised bed

I got busy late afternoon on February 5th, because more rain was forecast for the next day. I rebooted the bed and used the leaves from large volunteer borage plants that had popped up in the bed (don’t worry, I have plenty more) as mulch. This video takes place over the course of one month.

Without reading it in actual comments, I’ve gotten the message loud and clear that viewers prefer my garden videos over my travel vlogs, even when I’m visiting gardens! (The sole exception is Phoenix gardens, there is a huge interest in them.) So, today’s vlog returns to garden doings, and I hope you will watch and share with friends. I’ve got just a few short months to build my channel. Thank you!


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