Growing Orange Thai Chili Peppers

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Watch Growing Orange Thai Chili Peppers, my latest “Late Bloomer.” See me document growing them for the first time last year, how long it took for peppers to develop, why I love growing them, and problems I had this year. Also, you can find my biscuit recipe (easily modified with only ancient wheat flour) here.

Growing Orange Thai Peppers - bowl of peppers

Kaye’s Orange Thai Chilis, 2015

Growing Orange Thai Chilis - bush

Orange Thai Chili Bush, 2015

Growing Orange Thai Chilis - diseased leaf

Diseased pepper leaf, TBD

If you have any thoughts about what attacked my peppers, please let me know! Glassy-winged sharpshooter and the disease they carry has been suggested. I also suspect bacterial leaf spot.

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