Scones Without Sugar!

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Scones without Sugar!-biscuits

Scones without sugar, or biscuits made-with-3-flours

Scones Without Sugar, or Biscuits Made-with-3-Flours Recipe. I had scarfed down two of these loaded with raw cow butter and artisan lemon rosemary jelly before I thought to write a post. Since I don’t measure ingredients for cornbread, biscuits or pancakes, it rarely occurs to me to share a recipe. But, these were so good, I had to! I hope you enjoy it!

Scones Without Sugar, or Biscuits Made-with-3-Flours 

Add to a mixing bowl:

1 c. all-purpose organic *ancient wheat flour

1/2 c. organic white cornmeal

1/2 c. almond meal

1 1/2 tsp. baking powder

1/2 c. cream or softened organic butter

1/2 c. organic milk

1 tsp. almond extract

Pinch of sea salt (optional)

This is a drop biscuit recipe, which I prefer, to save time and cleanup. (If using butter, work the slabs into the flour sliding between your hands or fingers.) Stir together ingredients till the batter will form a mound on your spoon. If it’s too dry to stir it, add a little more milk. So wet it drips off your spoon, add a little more flour, till it’s just right. You shouldn’t have to struggle to stir it up. Drop large spoonfuls onto a non-stick, or greased baking sheet, or line it with parchment paper for quicker clean-up. (If they start to flatten, you know you need a little more flour next time. They should look like the finished product on the baking sheet, just a bit smaller.) Bake at 425° for about ten minutes, depending on size of your biscuits. When the edges are lightly browned, they are probably done. Another test is to touch one and see if the inside seems squishy. If so, bake another five minutes. I use all raw dairy straight from the farm, with full fat milk. *Ask me about ancient wheat vs. modern wheat.

Scones without Sugar-knife

Biscuit with butter and jelly, vintage knife and china.

The three flours are almond meal, Einkhorn flour and heirloom white cornmeal from Bristol Branch Mill. This bag of cornmeal was ground from the Tennessee corn I featured in the 28th episode of “Late Bloomer,” “Preserving the Old Corn-Growing Tradition.” Tim and Frances just sent me 9 pounds! If you haven’t already, please watch, or watch again!

Scones without Sugar-flours

Ingredients for Scones without Sugar

Scones without Sugar-cornmeal

Detail of white heirloom cornmeal

The different textures of the flour and meal give the scones/biscuits a flakey, distinctive appearance and consistency.

Scones without Sugar-3 flours

Three flours: cornmeal, Einkhorn wheat and almond meal

At an artisanal food event at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, I learned about Food Forward, an organization who’s motto is “Harvest Food, Fight Hunger, Build Community.” I bought some delicious jams and jellies made in small batches, from locally harvested trees, by the all-volunteer group. Please check them out!

Thanks for reading! Comments welcome! I don’t presume to compete with my food blogging friends, who are fine chefs. I like to cook things that don’t require measuring and take 20 minutes or less, haha!


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  1. sippitysup says:

    I like your attitude. These scones intrigue me. Jam is the answer, right? GREG

  2. jim kimball says:

    looks good I’m going to try and make some

    • Super, Jim! And thanks for making it over to my site! This is where I post articles and photos that don’t make it into my shows. I’m not a great cook, but, I’ve made a ton of biscuits in my life, haha, so I think you will enjoy these. If you don’t have all the specific ingredients, no worries!

  3. Suze says:

    Why the ancient wheat? What’s the difference?

    • Sorry I missed this! Modern wheat is linked to all manner of illnesses today. Just google it and you will see a ton of info. I did not realize there was a difference until I read “Wheat Belly.” Blew my mind. Interestingly, I had already been using Einkhorn wheat, but didn’t realize modern wheat has almost 4 times the chromosomes of ancient wheat, something a scientist created in the 1950’s so that wheat could mature at half the height, thus two crops a year. No one realized it wasn’t good for you….

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