Biodiversity Double Whammy

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Today, I have a Biodiversity Double Whammy for you on my YouTube channel. (If you are new to this website, I hope you will subscribe!) Episode 93, or 13 of Season 5, “Biodiversity – What Is It, Why Is It Important, How Do We Get It” includes a bit of my interview with Dr. Jim Hogue, professor of Biology and collections manager at Cal State Northridge. The whole interview is on an accompanying Vlog today, “Biodiversity | Interview with Dr. Jim Hogue.”

Biodiversity Double Whammy - Kaye & Jim

Kaye and Jim at Cal State Northridge

I first met Dr. Hogue when he spoke at our local garden club, and when I happened to see this tiny blue metallic, helmet-shaped beetle in my garden, I contacted him.

Biodiversity Double Whammy - lady beetle

Halmus chalybeus – Ladybird Beetle

He looked it up and said he didn’t have one in his specimen collection (one of the greatest collections in the country, by the way), and I drove it out that day to become a permanent specimen. Please check out the vlog to learn about ladybird beetles, aphids, soil biology and more! Afterwards, you may want to remove those outbuildings on your topsoil and release it from captivity! I just did that with about five square feet of my driveway (you can see the condition of the soil underneath in the Vlog).

I went all out on this topic, as biodiversity so important to the future of life on this planet, and hope it will inspire everyone to get a little bit more existing in their gardens.

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