Ugly is Beautiful, Tomatoes

| August 17, 2016 | 2 Replies

Ugly is Beautiful Tomatoes. There’s a been a rash of articles in the press of late about the staggering amount of food waste in this country. Most often it’s discarded because it’s not deemed to be beautiful, or fit the ideal of a certain vegetable or fruit, while people go hungry.

One of my Indigo Apple tomato vines produced some oddly beautiful, ugly fruit, and I made some portraits. I hope you enjoy.


Ugly is Beautiful (Tomatoes) - Chick

“Chick” – Tomato Portrait


Ugly is Beautiful (Tomatoes) - Henpecked

“Henpecked” – Tomato Portrait


Ugly is Beautiful (Tomatoes) - Roosting

“Roosting” – Tomato Portrait


Ugly is Beautiful (Tomatoes) - Rooster

“Rooster” – Tomato Portrait


Ugly is Beautiful (Tomatoes) - Taking Flight

“Taking Flight” – Tomato Portrait


Ugly is often beautiful (tomatoes), it’s in the eye of the beholder. Stay tuned for my upcoming 2016 Tomato Report Late Bloomer episode. There will be a taste test and recipe! But first, I take on the subject of biodiversity. PLUS, there are new Vlogs on the channel, so be sure to check them out and share with friends! Help me make Late Bloomer sustainable this year! Many thanks!

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  1. I actually saved seed from a tomato sold in local supermarkets a few years back touted as an”Heirloom” .It was grown in Mexico and I wanted to see what it would do in my garden . It was a large red tomato with pleated sort of sections . It was fine but did not make the cut as one of my favorites. It IS an example of how things are “Marketed” in our culture .

  2. ITS NAme was Ugly tomatoes .

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