One More Week and It’ll Be Perfect

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“One more week and it’ll be perfect,” has been my daily mantra for a month. The truth is, the peak already happened and we are on the downslope of summer. My goal this year was to be the biggest, most diverse garden yet, and I kept plugging in more seeds when one batch of beans or squash played out. I literally have planted bean seed all over the garden.

One More Week and It'll Be Perfect - harvest today

Eggplants, tomatoes, beans harvested today

I’m working on an episode now about biodiversity and you’ll get a look at what I managed to accomplish. But for now, here are a few photos from today’s harvest. Bear in mind, I have a very small front yard garden.

One More Week and It'll Be Perfect - Gary O'Sena

Gary O’Sena tomatoes from my saved seed started in January.

As I’ve said before, “A garden is never perfect and it’s never done,” but I really kept thinking there would be this perfect moment when the garden would be completely full and lush. With annuals, however, you can’t keep things going after a point, and they must be pulled out. Now, nearly the middle of August, I won’t be filling in those gaps with more seeds.

One More Week and It'll Be Perfect - peppers

Big Pepper Harvest Today

Joe’s Long Cayenne, Long Red Cayenne, Sweet Apple, Medium Jalapeno,

Caribbean Red Habanero, Black Finger, and several other varieties

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