Rain Barrel Set-up Is Harder Than It Looks!

| March 16, 2016 | 2 Replies

Rain barrel set-up is harder than it looks, as witnessed in my latest Late Bloomer! With non-stop news about our big El Nino bringing winter rains this year, I thought it best to procure two more barrels. I set them up at the diagonal opposite of my house. Since they would be visible walking in and out of the house, I wanted to avoid the unsightly set-up on the front corner of the house, hidden by a gate.

Rain Barrel Set-up is Harder Than It Looks!

Kaye’s 3rd & 4th rain barrels

I was reminded by a viewer that I should have been wearing proper safety glasses and gloves while using power drills, so I added these notes in an annotation on the video. Also, be sure to lift anything heavy with your legs and not rely on your back!

Also, if you are not familiar with YouTube’s new “cards,” the little white strip top right with information on it, or you will see an “i” in a white circle appear during the video, click on that for polls, links to videos mentioned, subscribe buttons and to this website.

Rain barrel set-up is harder than it looks! Hopefully, for you, it will be much easier! Please watch the episode and leave me a comment if you have done better, or worse, that I did. See you next time! – Kaye


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  1. Sharon says:

    You go, girl! Great design. Glad Eric came to your rescue.

  2. hilarious Kaye, I loved to see your Charlie Chaplin walk lifting those blocks. My husband was a mason and would be amused . I give you a thumbs up for making the effort to catch rainwater and hope the politians of the world will require a water catchment water storage wall on every house. It could be available for every home.
    With our growing population, gardens and water storage as well as composting in every home should be standard .

    You sweetheart…. are cutting edge. I agree about sticking with our skills and paying or bartering with others to help. :)Sharon

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