Winter Garden and StoneMalas Fundraiser!

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My latest episode covers the winter garden and StoneMalas fundraiser for Late Bloomer! Please watch, like and share!

Winter Garden: Cover Crop, Worm Towers, StoneMalas is the latest offering from Late Bloomer Show. See how Kaye used cover crops to build nitrogen in raised beds and installed worm towers to increase worm activity. Planting cover crops is a great idea, but, as Kaye found, planting legumes with sweet peas at the same time doesn’t work so well. Vines and vines intertwine!

Also, in an effort to be more sustainable, Kaye teamed up with jewelry artist Heather Muro to create a StoneMalas garden collection bracelet package as a fundraiser for Late Bloomer. Inspired by the theme and colors of Late Bloomer, 15% of sale proceeds go to offset Late Bloomer productions costs. If you enjoy watching Late Bloomer and would like to see it continue, please consider purchasing this beautiful, empowering bracelet. It comes with a pack of seeds grown and collected in Kaye’s front yard garden!

Cover Crop, Worm Tower, StoneMalas

Late Bloomer Show StoneMalas Bracelet

Cover Crop, Worm Tower, StoneMalas

Winter Garden and StoneMalas Fundraiser! - charms

Pick a charm to go with your tomato!

Click the purchase button to go straight to Heather’s Etsy store! Share your bracelet photo on Late Bloomer Show on Facebook! Thanks so much for your support! I know you will enjoy it! I wear mine every day! – Kaye

I need financial support for Season 5 of Late Bloomer. Click this link to make a donation to keep Late Bloomer blooming! The high production quality you expect from Late Bloomer requires paying professional editors and composer. Help me inspire people to grow their own food and take control over their food security. Your donation of any amount makes Late Bloomer possible and available for anyone. CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW!

Thank you! ~ Kaye

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