Jerusalem Artichoke Success!

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I found Jerusalem Artichoke Success! Check out Growing Jerusalem Artichokes, the new episode of Late Bloomer! When I planted Jerusalem artichokes last year, I never imagined I would be making an episode about the experience. But recently, I realized I should! It gave me an opportunity to plug two of my favorite gardeners: Patrick Dolan at One Yard Revolution who has a terrific garden channel on YouTube, and family farmer Sharon Carson of Sharon’s Natural Gardens in Delmar, Delaware. If you live anywhere near Delmar, you should take advantage of foods and products grown on a 40-year untainted farm! No commercial chicken manure, municipal waste or chemicals have been used on it. Her compost is made with her horse manure that is three years-old.

One of Sharon’s goals is to establish a community garden where she can share her knowledge and farm assets, where people are working together in community. With farmland being lost daily to industrial agriculture, housing tracts, and shopping centers, it is increasingly rare to find soil this rich in minerals. If food is devoid of minerals, how can it fortify our minds and bodies?

I had a bit of trouble getting started (most people say they can’t get rid of them once established), but when I did, I had great results growing in a large cloth pot.

Jerusalem Artichoke Success! - harvest

Complete sunchoke harvest from one 15 gallon cloth pot

Thanks to Sharon, I found Jerusalem Artichoke Success! I plan to try again this year. I hope you enjoy this episode and share with a friend. My goal this year is to make the show sustainable, but it will take many more folks watching. Thanks for all your support! – Kaye

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