Sharing Seeds, Helps You, Helps Me!

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Sharing Seeds, Helps You, Helps Me! I finally got my seeds organized and photographed this week. I’ve promised seeds to a few people, including my youngest fan, a 15 year-old gardener named Ben, who loves Late Bloomer!

I don’t sell my seeds, as I am new at the seed saving thing, and don’t guarantee them and have not performed germination tests, but I am happy to send seeds to anyone in the U.S. who makes at least a $10 donation to Late Bloomer. Funds raised, after shipping, go directly to paying my editors to make more Late Bloomer episodes.

Seeds will be mailed in neat Botanical Interests seeds packets. I am an affiliate marketer for B.I., so any sales made through my website bring me a small commission. Here’s what I have to offer:

Sharing Seeds, Helps You, Helps Me! - Kaye's seeds

Kaye’s seeds grown in the Late Bloomer Garden 2015

If you have trouble reading the names, you should be able to click on the photo for it to open in a new window and get bigger.

Peppers: Filius Blue, Orange Thai, Long Red Cayenne, Jalapeno Medium, Jimmy Nardello, California Wonder, Caribbean Red Habanero

Mexican Sunflower, Pomegranate Yarrow

Beans: Henderson Baby Lima, Scarlet Emporer AKA Scarlet Runner, Cowpeas

Winter Squash: Cinderella Pumpkin, Kabocha Squash (2014), Cushaw (coming soon)

Okra, Celery, Cilantro, Collective Farm Woman Melon, Native Glass Gem Corn

As you can see, I have WAY too many seeds to plant in my tiny garden. I appreciate all the kind friends who have sent me seeds and I’m going to do my best to plant them! I need a bigger yard!

Sharing Seeds: Helps You, Helps Me! - seeds to plant

My seeds to plant

I look forward to your orders! Sharing Seeds, Helps You, Helps Me! Have fun with your gardens this spring! Thanks for your support!

Stay tuned for an exciting collaboration I mentioned in the Jerusalem Artichoke episode! Late Bloomer inspired StoneMalas bracelets, custom made and lovingly shipped in time for Valentine’s Day!

I receive a small commission for promoting products I’ve used and believe in. Your support of these products helps me to continue to produce “Late Bloomer” episodes. Click button to order products! 

Sharing Seeds: Helps You, Helps Me! - Buy button

Buy Botanical Interests Seeds!

I need financial support for Season 5 of “Late Bloomer.” Consider making a donation to keep Late Bloomer blooming! Thanks for your support! ~ Kaye

Help me inspire people to grow their own food and take control over their food security. Your donation of any amount makes “Late Bloomer” possible and available for anyone. CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW!

Thank you!

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  1. Hi Kaye,
    Good for you…. starting the endless and facinating journey into saving seeds . Just like gardening ,there is always something to learn which is what makes it so fun amd interesting . I would recommend a book called “Seed to Seed” by Susan Ashworth as a reference . The Southern Exposure seed catalog also has wonderful growing and seed saving guidelines and its free . I have grown a few seed for them. I sure hope you and I are supported . It is a difficlt path in these times. I can also recommend a film just gifted to me by Stewart of Perennial Roots called “The man who stopped the dessert ” . It does give hope to those who pioneer their passion and truth. :)Sharon

    • I wish I had the energy to read books. It just seems I don’t, now, Sharon, I’m wearing my eyes out on the computer, but thanks for the recommendations. Maybe I’ll do a little reading when I visit you. I’ve got to get my plans made. I worry about how I can be gone with the garden, who will care for it. Well, maybe I will find someone. Talk to you soon!

  2. kim says:

    I love your shows! I relate to so many of the things you talk about and issues you have had in your garden. I live in southern Iowa and have a very different growing climate and growing season but share many of your gardening issues. I am also a late but re-bloomer, I gardened when I was younger but stopped vegetable gardening and restarted 3 years ago. I love having produce in the growing season and started canning to have produce during the winter also. It is very rewarding and tastes so much better than store bought (might be in my head:)) Have you thought of having chickens? The give garden fertilizer and glorious eggs and are very interesting birds that require very little space. I started with chickens last summer- I have silkies and polish crested both are bantam breeds.

    Again thank you so much for videos and keep them coming. They (and you) are wonderful!

    • Thank you, Kim! I really appreciate your support! I’m glad I am able to help a little. Please share my Monarch episode with any educators and children you can to spread awareness. The Monarch’s numbers are down 95% due to habitat loss. We all need to plant milkweed. Thanks!

    • Hi, Kim, somehow I missed replying to this comment! I apologize! I REALLY appreciate your support and am deeply gratified you like my content. No, I can’t consider chickens where I live in this house. The front yard is small and open to the street, the side of house is a driveway and all my garden staging area, lower driveway is full of potted plants and the whole back is a studio, garage and the rest is tiled. No place at all for chickens. I have neighbors who had chickens when their kids were small, but they’ve give it up. If I had the space, yes, I would definitely. I hope you watch my latest two vlogs from Phoenix as they both have chickens in their food forests. Climate is very different but the purpose is the same. Thanks for your support!! I hope to hear from you again, soon.

  3. Hi Kaye , I took many of my older seeds off line as I germination test and sort the mountain of seeds I have saved .It is thrilling to see some 3 or 4 year old seed with close to 100% germination -a tribute to their vitality . Some of these are rare like Virginia Smoking tobacco from a pioneer of the CSA movement now passed on.(Woody Woodraska -Soul Journey Medicine), I met him via the Seed Savers Exchange years ago. I am excited to re-offer as well as grow these seeds this year . Seed have such a magic and sacredness to them. I am glad to see the bug has bitten you!Its a love bite!

    • I cut open one of my two cushaws finally today and the seeds are gorgeous and glorious. Also, I seeded my tomatoes and peppers. Still a lot more to go, but hoping with the new heating mat and grow light I can make up the time. I’m going to try to grow everything early summer and be done before mid July to avoid the worst PM. Talk soon!

      • Hi Kaye ,
        Yes,sometimes timing is everything. If you keep a garden log it can be helpful . Sometimes you can beat a whole insect cycle by just waiting to plant . It helps to be observant but then again every year is different. . I am not much for logs or charts .I keep things in my head but then again I have to relearn things I used to know!!!Keeps the brain clicking :)Sharon

        • Right, Sharon! I hardly marked anything this past winter, just stuck seeds wherever there was a spot. I’m seeding now for summer and tagging all the cells. We shall see if I can keep it up for a whole season. Thanks for writing!

  4. Ben says:

    Hi Kaye, I’ve found your selection! This is the first time I’ve seen this section of your website and seeing you mention my name. I feel so special, thank you so much! I’ve looked at the seeds your willing to send and I am interested in Filius Blue peppers, Long Red Cayenne peppers, Native Glass Gem corn, Celery and Scarlet Runner beans. I’m honored to be your youngest fan, I love your videos and I am extremely excited to receive your seeds. Thanks Kaye, Ben
    P.S. I’m pretty sure I’ve shared my address with you over a PM already

    • Oh, dear, Ben! I missed this comment till now, and I think I sent celery, I sent the corn and Filius Blue. Well, the rest will have to be a surprise. I just hope you get them! I am told mail in CA is notoriously slow. I hope in this case it’s not. All the best, Ben! – Kaye

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