Growing Peppers in Pots

| September 30, 2015 | 2 Replies

Growing Peppers in Pots, a new episode from the Late Bloomer Show. I had even more success growing peppers in 2015 than my first year success last year. This episode covers the pepper story from planting through August harvests. Please share with gardener friends and pepper lovers!

Growing Peppers in Pots - harvest

First pepper harvest in August, 8 varieties


Sweet Pepper Varieties Grown this Year

Sweet Apple

Jimmy Nardello

Sweet King of the North

California Wonder


Aruba Hybrid

Hot Pepper Varieties Grown this Year

Hungarian Wax

Jalapeno Medium

Long Red Cayenne

Filius Blue

Orange Thai

Caribbean Red Habanero


There’s more to the story I hope to include in a future episode. Would you like to see what happens next? Please let me know and please share this website with a new gardener you might know and have them subscribe and download my free ebook, “10 Steps to a Great First Garden,” which could be helpful. And I’ve been sent a lot of new seeds to try for 2016 and I will be talking about those seeds in a future post.

Also, if you missed my last long post, please click here and read it as I need feedback about going forward for another year with Late Bloomer episodes and would appreciate your support. Many thanks! – Kaye

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  1. Love those blue peppers. They look like Christmas lights . I don’t baby my peppers at all…just don’t have the time. I find the prep work here in the fall on the soil allows me to just pop the plants in the beds and they do their thing. Most do seem to like staking . I had a Golden Treasures pepper grown in soil from a huge pile of rotted down spoiled alfalfa hay that grew 5 ft tall and was loaded with huge stuffing golden stuffing peppers about 8 inches long. A market garden friend planted my seed close together and they were much shorter and smaller. I think you would love to grow an heirloom from the Chesapeake bay called “Fish “.It makes a lovely houseplant with twisted varigated leaves and the peppers all shades from white to purple to orange ,green and red . It has a unique flavor as well that goes well with seafoods… not too hot .
    Another of my favorites is Yellow Doe Hill, an old heirloom from North Carolina. It is very productive with small, thick -walled, sweet perfectly formed, stuffing peppers… perfect for a single serving. I usually create stuffed peppers with them and freeze them for quick meals .
    I am curious about the source of the glass mulch for the fungus gnats… they are a problem in my winter greenhouse.

  2. Betty says:

    I can relate completely! I hate phones and I don’t even have a cell phone at all. People assume I’m a Luddite until I tell them to send me an email and I’ll pick it up on my iPad. For me, the iPad was the answer to the whole iPhone dilemma. I hav87&#e21n;t upgraded to the cloud yet, but it’s on my to-do list. Sounds awesome!

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