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Late Bloomer as Web Fest Nominee (UPDATE – WINNER, BEST EDUTAINMENT) – When I started “Late Bloomer” in the spring of 2012 (with my new iPhone 4), I thought, with my background as an actress and having made a couple of short films, I could produce interesting videos that might inspire people to grow their own food. I knew I wanted them to be immediate, funny and informative (like me, LOL!). And, I also knew as an entertainer and filmmaker, I wasn’t interested in just posting raw garden videos. I wanted to make a real show, a web series. And there weren’t that many examples to learn from online in 2012. Now, there are tons of great series, in every category, sic-fi, fantasy, reality, drama, comedy, documentary, and more.

Late Bloomer Show at the Vancouver Web Fest - Kaye at mic

Kaye at the microphone at #VWF2015

Almost immediately – when I opened my iMovie application on my iMac and tried to put clips together – I learned if I wanted the finished product to look good, I would have to hire professionals to put what I shot together. I shoot at all times of day under three flight paths in Los Angeles after all! I need a sharp editor and sound editor to make it look and sound good.

I can shoot, host, direct, produce, manage my social media, publish a blog, do public speaking, not to mention learn to garden, but I cannot, will not, edit! – Kaye Kittrell, Producer of Late Bloomer

Some thoughts at the end of the year - Kaye with camera

Kaye Kittrell with Sony Nex 7 and microphone

My indispensable, loyal editor, Megan Adeff (formerly Oldfield) and sound editor Christina Horgan and motion graphics artist Mika Tanisaki, who created the opening and closing title graphics, logo, and all those cool little bug animations you see over the credits (which you are missing if you do not watch till the end!) have been with me from the beginning, and I will be uploading my 75th episode today! Jon Pileggi came on as composer to elevate the material in 2013. (Click here for contact info.)

My interest in gardening has always been the whole experience: figuring out where the sun is, how to work with clay soil, all the bugs – good and bad – that a gardener encounters, the beauty of blooms and, if I’m lucky, I get something good to eat. I’ve tried to take those that have found Late Bloomer online along on my journey. I hope I’ve been entertaining (if you aren’t watching till the end you are missing the bloopers!!) and educational.

In 2012, there were only three web festivals in the world. Web content creators tired of film festivals dragging their feet to accommodate web content in their categories (I suppose that was the case, because even though nearly all films wind up on the web, they were not created FOR the web,… but that was before Netflix and “House of Cards,” LOL!).

It occurred to me in 2013 to look into submitting Late Bloomer to film festivals, but it would have been a waste of time and money. Today, nearly every major city has at least one web festival. Vancouver Web Fest was Canada’s premier web fest, and since I’d always wanted to visit Vancouver, I submitted for VWF 2015 and Late Bloomer was accepted as an official selection and nominated for Best Reality. (Festivals decide what the categories will be when they see what type of series are submitted.)

Vancouver Web Fest was a fantastic experience because of the two great ladies who run it (also because it’s held on Granville Island, an artist’s paradise), who are now my BFF’s, Suzette Laqua, founder and Paula Hoffman, Director of Development. These two ladies made every content creator feel like a star. “I’m a hugger,” is the first thing Suzette says, and then proceeds to fulfill on that promise. I’ve already submitted to VWF 2016!

Late Bloomer as Web Fest Nominee - Kaye, Suzette, Paula

Suzette Laqua, Kaye Kittrell, Paula Hoffman, VWF 2015

As a result of VWF, I was encouraged by Bryan Thompson, director of the Miami Web Fest, to submit. He assured me he loved Late Bloomer. I submitted and Late Bloomer is an official selection nominated for “Best Edutainment” for Miami Web Fest 2015 this weekend! “Best Edutainment” is a PERFECT category for me and Late Bloomer. By the time you read this post, I will be on a plane to Miami. You can help me cover the cost of my trip by casting a vote – takes 10 seconds! – for the $1000 People’s Choice Award. Click here to vote! One email address per vote, vote before Oct. 1!

Which brings me back to money. A lot of people in the entertainment business ask people to work for free, with the promise of free food, a DVD (if their project ever gets finished), and a chance to work with them in the future, for pay. As an actor, I did this many times over the years, and it has been the RARE exception (I’m trying to remember one, hold on…..) that that happens. As a result, I never ask people to work for me for free. I like to treat people like I would have them treat me.

When I started Late Bloomer, I could not project a year forward and imagine what Late Bloomer would be. I just knew I wanted the food journey to continue because anyone can see how important it is for families to get back to growing their own food, so you know what’s in it. The health epidemic today is real, Type II Diabetes, obesity, chronic intestinal diseases, adrenal fatigue and autoimmune diseases, and much of this can be traced directly to the food and drink we put in our mouth. I can’t stop now.

But, I need your help. Season 4 is winding down. To continue into Season 5, I need sponsors and funding. You can help in a few ways: direct donations to help keep Late Bloomer content coming, appeals to your local garden channels to carry Late Bloomer, reaching out to great companies that might like to sponsor Late Bloomer, buying ads on this website (contact me for details), purchasing my Late Bloomer 5-Part Tomato Series DVD (click here or ad on any page on this site), and other suggestions for me. I am only one person and can’t be everywhere and do everything. I need your help to help Late Bloomer grow. Reach out to me.

I am considering doing four specials next year (there’s only so much you can cover in eight minute episodes and I pack as much in as I can), taking on topics like Farm-to-Table, Biodynamic Process, Soil Health, and Saving Monarchs. I will be looking for sole and multi-part sponsors for these 20-30 minute specials, as well as donations, and ad buys. If these specials would be of interest to you, please let me know. Another goal of another season would be to integrate my YouTube audience with my website subscribers.

Let me know what you would like to see on Late Bloomer in Season 5, more of what’s growing in my front yard, or more interviews with other people, or both? Thanks for your continued support! I am grateful. – Kaye

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Thank you!

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