Reflecting on my First Live Webcast

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Reflecting on my first live webcast, I think it went pretty well! 41 viewers tuned in, and the replay on YouTube has garnered 737 views in two days. About half those tuning in were my constant online companions, and the rest were new garden friends! See the hangout page to scroll down for all the questions and interaction!

Reflecting on My First Webcast - Kaye

Kaye points to fig tree whose bare root was sent to Kaye from Double-Dog Farm

Considering I thought I understood the technical part of “inviting” my guest, Sharon Carson, from Sharon’s Natural Gardens, to be on air with me, and didn’t, and had to start the program with her on the telephone, five minutes late, it went pretty well! I was going to adjust the lighting once I could see myself, but had to go live as I was already five minutes late. I hope all will forgive me for the few kinks. Please let me know if you would like to see more live webcasts!

I am very excited to be offering my first DVD for preorder. I and my lean production team have worked hard to bring you a cheerful cover and easy menu to navigate. “Growing Heirloom Tomatoes,” the five part series, will be available at Amazon in the coming weeks, but for a few days, I will offer it at a discounted rate and will fulfill the orders myself. Give one to a friend or donate to a library. Please let me know if you would like yours autographed. Click the photo or purchase button to order.

Reflecting on My First Webcast - DVD Preorder

Kaye’s first DVD available for preorder!

Your support is very helpful in the sustainability of “Late Bloomer.” Thanks in advance for your orders! – Kaye

Reflections on My First Live Webcast - Purchase Here


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