What are you doing for Earth Day?

| April 22, 2015 | 3 Replies

What are you doing for Earth Day? Today, April 22, 2015 is the 45th anniversary of Earth Day. It’s also the third anniversary of “Late Bloomer,” so I created a special episode to celebrate. Please watch and share, “Earth Day Special.”

What are you doing for Earth Day? - Fiesta Marigold

‘Fiesta Marigold’ Monkeyflower (formerly Mimulus, now called Diplacus)

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What are you doing for Earth Day? Buy now

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  1. Hi Kaye , Guess I have not watched the right episode. I thought Racoon was the answer. I don’t have aphids here. It must be your climate. I spent the day climbing a latter and hand removingwith a soap rag and squishing many nests of Gypsy moth catapillers from my orchard trees. They are bad this year and this technique works well if you can reach the nests before they leave and go all over the tree . It was glorious weathernice and cool. … with the orchard in full bloom.. peaches, pears and apples . My favorite birds were courting …Mockingbirds… so I know I will hear their songs all night this summer . I mowed carts full of grass from the garden paths to feed the horses.They got lots of fresh herbs with the grasses -dandelion, wild violets and chickweed- all very nourishing . I also did some pruning as I missed the time with this cold winter.I pruned grapes, apples and blackberries . I noticed mama bunny Silver pulling fur ,a sign that some babies may be arriving soon . I waited for a friend to call and got to clean my kitchen during my lunch hour which had been neglected with all the spring gardening work . I love this time of year when all the plants are in bllom and the wild critters are courting… beginning new life.

  2. lisa lynn says:

    Happy Anniversary, Kaye! I hope you had a nice Earth Day 🙂 It was cold and windy in my area, Northern Illinois, for Earth Day. So I didn’t do much to celebrate on Earth Day. But I try to live my whole life like it’s Earth Day…gardening organically, raising a lot of my own food, composting, and reducing, reusing, and recycling. It’s just a way of life for our family. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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