Growing Parkway Kale

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Growing Parkway Kale is the latest offering from “Late Bloomer.” If you are short on space, you can utilize your parkway to grow hearty, nutritious kale. Kaye covered her brassicas with red voile (purchase at a fabric store) to keep cabbage moths from laying eggs on them. Cabbageworms can devastate your brassicas.

Growing Parkway Kale-kale

Winterbor Scottish hybrid kale grown from West Coast Seeds

Kaye builds community by giving away kale to neighbors in this relaxed, informative episode of “Late Bloomer.”

Growing Parkway Kale-Steve

Neighbor Steve and daughter enjoy Kaye’s Redbor kale

Kaye tries Kale Mallung (Sri Lankan Kale with Coconut) from FatFree Vegan Kitchen. For those looking for a super nutritious and delicious recipe without fat, this is it! Click here for recipe.  For this recipe I used Winterbor kale.

Growing Parkway Kale-Kale Mallung

Kale Mallung (Sri Lankan kale with coconut)

The Palisadian Post article that featured my 6 Steps to a Successful Food Garden is here. 

Please watch on YouTube, and subscribe! Are you growing kale and which varieties? Do you have an easy recipe to share? Thanks for your support! – Kaye


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