Palisadian-Post features Kaye in Spring Garden issue

| May 27, 2014 | 4 Replies

The Palisadian-Post features Kaye in Spring Garden issue! Kaye offers “6 Steps to a Successful Food Garden” to encourage and inspire anyone to grow their own food.

Palisadian-Post features Kaye in Spring Garden issue

Kaye stands in street in front of her parkway food garden

Kaye had a banner year with kale, so the timing was perfect for a photo for the Spring Home & Garden issue of the Palisadian-Post. This article covers how Kaye got started growing food and a few tips to start your own food garden.

Palisadian-Post features Kaye in Spring Garden issue

Palisadian-Post article featuring Kaye Kittrell Late Bloomer

Under new ownership and new editor, the 86 year-old local paper is thriving. With new offices, and a fresh, go-getter staff, subscriptions are up! Being our own little pocket community sandwiched between the city of Santa Monica, the Pacific Ocean and vast Malibu, Pacific Palisades benefits from a paper that’s on top of local news, events, sports, culture, and with a late-breaking email blast covering fires, crime and traffic tie-ups, the Palisadian-Post, paper and online, is a vital source for Palisadians. Gardens create community and that’s what the Palisadian-Post fosters by featuring local gardeners and food growers.

Save yourself a lot of back-breaking work if your soil is poor or hard clay by using raised beds. Free compost is available in most municipalities (caution: it may contain weeds) or you can develop your own compost. For more steps to start a garden, download Kaye’s FREE ebook, “10 Steps to a Great First Garden,” on the right side of the site. And watch the whole series of “Late Bloomer” episodes on YouTube.

Palisadian-Post features Kaye in Spring Garden issue-Kaye kale

Kaye amidst her four varieties of kale, and celery

With all the garden content available today, your subscription and viewership of “Late Bloomer” is greatly appreciated. Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Help “Late Bloomer” grow by sharing with friends. Thanks, and happy gardening! – Kaye


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  1. patsquared2 says:

    I love Kaye and I absolutely love her garden and her tips. She’s a member of my LinkedIn Group – just under 2000 members who share tips on Grow Girls Grow Organic — yes, guys are invited to join and have.

    And I LOVE the story about the paper. Survival for newspapers, communities, farmers and yes, even our planet, requires that everyone join in – grow your own, shop local, think about the environment EVERY time you buy, use or toss out. And support a richer, fuller life.

    Thanks Kaye for just being there and being you – a wonderful gardener who loves to share.

    • Thank you, Pat!!! And congratulations for reaching 2000 members, wow! I hope each and every member of Grow Girls Organic will check out “Late Bloomer” and subscribe to my show! That would put me double my first big goal, 1000 YouTube subscribers! Thanks so much for your support and your comment. It made my day! Now, I can face completing my drip line irrigation project, UGH! Talk about procrastinating, I’ve complained about powdery mildew for two years, and am just now getting the irrigation laid down. It’s very complex and would cost a fortune to hire someone, so I’m doing it myself. Please subscribe everyone!
      Thanks again, Pat, you are amazing!!

  2. Congratulations on the front page coverage! I hope the local awareness adds to your connections and world-wide success.

    • It appeared in the Spring Garden section, Andy, and since they don’t post the articles online, they were kind enough to put a PDF together for me. I’ll gladly take your good wishes, and hope you are right! – Kaye

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