Growing Savoy Cabbage 1 & 2

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Growing Savoy Cabbage 1 & 2 is the new double whammy from “Late Bloomer.” I was given seeds from an uber gardener friend and though they got off to a slow start, the results were spectacular! Please watch both parts! In Growing Savoy Cabbage 1, a huge cabbage bolts in the heat and I plan to save seeds until a broken irrigation pipe spoils the fun. I deal with pests, and welcome beneficial insects, and use the large leaves for sheet mulching. Ever noticed hoverflies? They are less than half the size of a honeybee, but they are important pollinators.

Growing Savoy Cabbage 1&2-hoverlfy

Beneficial pollinator hoverfly on Savoy Cabbage bloom

Growing Savoy Cabbage 2 covers harvesting a large cabbage and trying a recipe “Spicy Cabbage-Potato Pancake” from the wonderful and beautiful food blog Cooking on the Weekends. (click photo for recipe)

Growing Savoy Cabbage 1&2-pancake

Spicy-Potato Pancake from

Thanks for watching! I enjoyed growing savoy cabbage and hope you give the cabbage pancakes a try (also good for Napa Cabbage), and let Valentina know how you enjoyed them! I wolfed them down and didn’t save much for hubby and son. I’ve got another cabbage ready to harvest, so I’m going to cook these again! You can see the size by my red tennis shoes at the bottom corners. You got to make room for them!

Growing Savoy Cabbage 1&2-cabbage

My last big Savoy Cabbage ready to harvest

Your comments are welcome and your support is appreciated. Please share. Happy gardening! – Kaye

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