Late Bloomer – Summer Garden Update – Part 1

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Late Bloomer – Summer Garden Update – Part 1 covers what you can grow in 300 square feet in a front yard, in this case, amaranth, corn, cucumbers, zucchini, beans, tomatoes, California native plants and more.

Late Bloomer-Summer Garden Update Part 1-flytraps

Kaye tries non-toxic flytraps to catch flying garden pests

The Nanday Conure wild parrot flock return to destroy Kaye’s sunflowers, and amaranth shoots survive transplant. Kaye tries flytraps to control flying pests, as well as predator snails for brown snails and small slugs.

Late Bloomer-Summer Garden Update-Part 1-Sunflowers

Sunflowers in all their glory before the parrots struck

Kaye brings us up to date with what got out of control in her summer California garden, as well as what produced beautifully. Cucumbers take a turn for the worse. Corn took off, potatoes in pots were harvested. Plums ripened. A California Native Meadow is planted. With original music by Jon Pileggi. Come back for Part 2! This episode follows chronologically “Summer Urban Garden Plantings on Mother’s Day.”

Late Bloomer-Summer Garden Update Part 1-amaranth shoots

Kaye transplants reseeded amaranth shoots

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(Note* – I have changed the numbering on the episodes to coordinate with it’s listing on, “Late Bloomer” (2012). 2.14 means Season 2, Number 14, as there were 20 episodes in Season 1. This is the 34th episode of “Late Bloomer!”) – Kaye

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