Late Bloomer – Summer Garden Update – Part 2

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Kaye does it again, crowds everything together!

Late Bloomer-Summer Garden Update-Part 2-squeezing

Kaye squeezes through the garden

Predictably, in a coastal microclimate like Pacific Palisades has, cucurbits (cucumber, squash, melons) get hit with downy mildew.

Late Bloomer-Summer Update-Part 2-downy mildew

Downy Mildew on cucumber leaves

The good news is Kaye achieves perfect corn pollination, thanks to daily shaking of the tassels. All the corn gets eaten raw in the garden.

Late Bloomer-Summer Garden Update-Part 2-corn

Fresh picked Super Sweet organic bicolor corn

And there are baskets of fresh veggies, including beautiful tomatoes!

Late Bloomer-Summer Garden Update-Part 2-tomatoes

Brandy Boy tomatoes ripening

Come back for Part 3! And Kaye visits the National Heirloom Expo, so that episode is coming up as well.

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(Note* – I have changed the numbering on the episodes to coordinate with it’s listing on, “Late Bloomer” (2012). 2.15 means Season 2, Number 15, as there were 20 episodes in Season 1. This is the 35th episode of “Late Bloomer!”) – Kaye

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