Late Bloomer – Transition from Winter to Summer Garden – Episode 33

| August 21, 2013 | 2 Replies

Late Bloomer – Transition from Winter to Summer Garden – Episode 33 covers Kaye’s tips for success. To fence or not to fence? That is the question. In Kaye’s case, the transition from winter to summer this year including installing a border fence to her front yard garden.

Late Bloomer-Transition from Winter to Summer-1

“Observation is key to the success of a garden.” – Kaye Kittrell 2013

Getting the last of the seeds planted before the last rain on May 5, before the long, dry summer, was Kaye’s goal in this episode.

Late Bloomer Transition from Winter to Summer -2

Okra seeds planted on May 5 in Kaye’s garden

Kaye plants a summer-only front yard patch in her second stand of corn.

Late Bloomer-Transition from Winter to Summer-3

Kaye waters freshly planted corn seed on “The Back 40”

Thanks for watching! Please share with your garden network. If you have a question or advice for me, please leave me a comment. – Kaye

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  1. Beautiful fence. (one of the things I miss about living in California is the availability of redwood). Living in the woods, we must have a fence to keep the deer out.

    You make a good point about tracking the sun over time. We cannot garden outdoors year ’round (only mid-spring to mid-fall) but even over the course of summer, the amount of sun changes. Being aware of solar exposure helps with garden siting and can also identify to trees that need pruning.


    • Thank, Andy, it cost more than we’d plan to spend but it looks nice and does the job! Yes sun is lowering in sky now. My house is in the way! Wish I had a whole lot just for an urban farm, but I would need a few helpers. 🙂

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