Nothing Better than Cooking from the Garden

| August 7, 2019 | 1 Reply

There’s nothing better than cooking from the garden! Several of my subscribers asked for more cooking videos, and, because I had the biggest plum harvest in 25 years, I delivered! Please watch my recent plum cooking videos as well as a guest, Lynne Dunlap, cooking lemon curd in my kitchen!

Recent travel included attending the Young Living Essential Oils Grand Convention in Salt Lake City for the first time (stay tuned for the video!), as well as a quick trip to Montana to visit my son, Walker. He’s so busy, if I want to see him, I’ve got to join him on a work trip! The video I shot while on my first trip to that beautiful state is right here. And for more on regenerative agriculture, watch the other videos in the short playlist.

More news! I’ve finalized the design for my first Late Bloomer T-shirt! This unisex T-shirt comes in their most popular fabric and will be offered in six gorgeous colors. The two week campaign starts soon, so please plan to be among the first to receive your own T-shirt! There is a long-sleeve Tee offered as well. If you’ve watched Late Bloomer from the beginning, you will recognize the quote on the back! Here are a few of the colors.

Late Bloomer T-shirt Design and Colors

Late Bloomer T-shirt Design and Colors

I was the guest of the U.K.’s Newlands Nursery podcast “The Plants and Me” this past week. The host Alan Lodge was an absolute charmer and we chatted for a good half hour or more. As soon as I know when it will air, I will let you know. He encouraged me to make a return trip to Britain, and I can’t think of anything I’d rather do next summer!

A dream to have a website for all my creative life has finally been realized! If you are new to my channel and website and only know me from gardening, you might be interested to know I have been a professional actor since 1980, and a fine art photographer. I have written and produced short films, but Late Bloomer is my most accomplished work, with over 500 videos inspiring people to learn to grow food. You can find my professional work on IMDB, the International Movie Database. It’s all there on my website at I hope you will check it out.

There’s nothing better than cooking from the garden, and I hope you will try some of these recipes! More to come!

The garden has been a mixed bag of success and failure this year, which you can witness on my recent videos. However, my channel will pass 43,000 subscribers today, with nearly 4 million views. I’m getting numerous offers to try products, and frankly, I can’t keep up with it all. But, I hope you are along for this wild ride with me. I need your support to keep growing.

Here are a few ways to support this blog and channel:

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I am looking to build my Young Living Essential Oils team. If you are looking for extra income and have flexible hours, check out the great products here and join me!

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  1. Alison Faulkner says:

    Kaye, I’m new to gardening and to your site. I felt your pain at those poor plums impailing on the sharp rocks and thought of a solution. I’ve been in the process of removing my lawn in order to create more room for vegie gardening, using cardboard and wood chips. You may want to consider adding a layer of tree mulch/wood chips over your gravel. You can have it delivered to your home for free, it is lightweight and easy to spread and helps keep moisture in the soil. ( BTW, I am 61 so I figure if I can do this nearly anyone can do this)

    Here is the site if you want to have it delivered. Here is a link to their site:

    I’m using the ‘Back to Eden’ method so I have this spread all around the garden and hope eventually to have enough that I won’t need to water after seedlings have been established!

    Loving your site! Thanks for sharing!

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