About My Trip to the Southeast

| July 19, 2017 | 1 Reply

Let me tell you About My Trip to the Southeast. I got home two nights ago, and have been inundated with issues. First, I hurt my knee on my Europe trip and it’s no better after 18 grinding, hot days in Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina and North Carolina. But, the connections both new and old were so rewarding!! My cat needs to go to the vet because she had some hair loss and that may be because of the stress of my being gone for 7 weeks this summer. And then there’s the leak under the house from an old refrigerator. And, of course, my garden.

About My Trip to the Southeast

Kaye with Charles from Old Alabama Gardener YouTube Channel

The only thing I can eat from the garden is tomatoes. Several vines are gone, from blight, both early and late and powdery mildew. Others are holding on, and I will certainly be saving seeds from the more resistant vines, like the Butingghan and Gary O’Sena. But, there are plenty to eat and I need to can tomatoes this Friday.

I will be uploading a video very soon, so stay tuned to my channel! 

I hope you will be following my travels on my travelogue playlist European Gardens and Southeast Gardens on my channel. And please share with friends! I’m going to work very hard in the next few months to edit and upload all this material I have captured of gardens and gardeners. It will take the rest of the summer to catch up. Thanks reading!! – Kaye


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  1. Sorry about you knee and kitty .seems like you need some down time! My tomatoes are coming in!almost 100 plants ! will post photos when I finally get the garden planting done . I found a new cuc that resist mildew well at least in my gardens ..so productive and biodynamic seed… I made a bushel of pickles from 3 plants …getting 75 bales of old hay really helps with the weeds …as well as having a couple of volunteers to help . tune in when you have time .

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