Adobe Interviews Kaye

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Adobe Interviews Kaye. (Click for article) – Kaye met Adobe app developer Bronwyn Lewis at the Vancouver Web Fest where Late Bloomer was an Official Selection and Best Reality Nominee two years straight. Kaye has never done any editing. Late Bloomer has from the beginning been edited, sound edited, and composed by professionals. To add a Vlog (video log) to the channel, Kaye found it necessary to edit these herself. From Bronwyn, she learned to use Adobe’s new mobile app Premiere Clip. That gave her the confidence to go even further. Please check out the article and share with friends. Who knows? They might be inspired to grow their own food or create their own videos.

Adobe Interviews Kaye

Kaye on location in Eastern Tennessee

I had the good fortune to show the Adobe app team around the Late Bloomer Garden when they were in Los Angeles in May. Check out the terrific interview here! Thanks for reading and please share to help make Late Bloomer sustainable this year! Follow this summer’s Late Bloomer harvests on Instagram!

Adobe Interviews Kaye - Adobe Team

Adobe Team in Late Bloomer Garden

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