An Oscar-worthy Homegrown Brunch

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While all of Hollywood prepped for the Oscar festivities on Sunday, I prepared myself an Oscar-worthy homegrown brunch.

An Oscar-worthy Homegrown Brunch

My Oscar-worthy Homegrown Brunch

The unexpectedly sizzling February propelled my arugula, lettuce and radishes to bolt. And my few, thin asparagus spears were about to flower, as well. Time for another 20-minute meal! Here’s how it all went down…quickly!

An Oscar-worthy Homegrown Brunch

My tall and skinny asparagus

I took a break from gardening at 9:00AM to harvest and prepare. After all, I was hungry! I’d been working in the garden since 6.

An Oscar-worthy Homegrown Brunch - asparagus

My asparagus harvest

An Oscar-worthy Homegrown Brunch - lemon

Meyer lemon from Kaye’s little lemon tree

A quick toss of extra virgin olive oil and splash of my juicy Meyer lemon over fresh-clipped lettuce and arugula leaves, and French breakfast radishes (see them on Instagram!) harvested the day before, was all this accompanying salad needed. Well, the edible nasturtium blooms added drama and color to the red carpet! Charlize Theron’s dress had nothing on them!

An Oscar-worthy Homegrown Brunch

Homegrown salad

An Oscar-worthy Homegrown Brunch - cut lemon

Cut Meyer lemon

The veggies in the scramble consisted of cut asparagus, sliced mushrooms (these came from my farm box as I’ve not had the courage to try growing fungi) and 3 little chopped peppers (I overwintered 11 pepper plants) tossed in a tablespoon of hot coconut oil for a couple of minutes, then, 2 farm fresh beaten eggs stirred in. Chopped chives and marjoram leaves added drama and depth, while shaved parmesan and a dusting of smoked paprika completed the ensemble. Voila! This brunch was accompanied by aromatic jasmine green tea.

An Oscar-worthy Homegrown Brunch - scramble

Veggie scramble with homegrown vegetables

And the award for hard work in the garden goes to… Kaye Kittrell! My mouth is watering just thinking of this healthy and delicious repast. No recipe needed. Just add love. And harvest the cool season veggies before they go to seed!

P.S. – As I watched the Oscars being given out, I was still gardening, seeding my trays for summer. Oops! I’m a month behind again! Thanks for reading! – Kaye

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