Yummy Winter Squash Salad

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I cooked all day Friday, and one of the dishes was a yummy winter squash salad. I didn’t plan it, my goal was to cook up all those squash I had photographed in my new Growing Winter Squash episode, as well as a few vegetables left over from my last farm box. (I have a small garden and supplement with a CSA farm box.)

While making the episode, I learned how nutritious winter squash is, so I was determined not to waste the squashes I still had in the frig. I halved all the squash and placed, cut side down, on a parchment-lined baking sheet, and roasted from 30 (butternut) to 45 minutes (spaghetti). Roasting time will vary, depending on size of squash. If you stick a long fork into the skin, it should feel tender when done.

Yummy Winter Squash Salad - salad

Yummy Winter Squash Salad

Kaye’s Yummy Winter Squash Salad

Alternative to potato salad

~ Ingredients ~

2 c. cooked Blue Hubbard squash

4 chopped boiled farm eggs

handful of fresh green beans, lightly steamed

1 persimmon

fresh cilantro leaves

1 bunch Tokyo turnips*

chopped chives

~ Dressing ~

2 tbl. organic mayonaise

2 tbl. tahini

2 tbl. fresh lemon juice

2 tbl. raw goat yogurt

1 tsp. raw honey

salt & pepper to taste

Loosely chop eggs, turnips, persimmon, and cilantro. Steam green beens for five minutes, douse in ice water to stop cooking, slice into 1″ pieces, add to bowl with squash, chives, mix. Whisk together dressing and mix again. This salad has the consistency of potato salad and is so yummy!

Yummy Winter Squash Salad - Blue Hubbard

Blue Hubbard winter squash

*This was my first experience eating Tokyo turnips, which are gaining popularity in the West but have been cultivated in Japan for over 1000 years. They are white, radish-sized, and juicy. You can steam them, but I used them raw and along with the lightly-steamed green beans, they added some crunchiness to the otherwise soft salad. I will definitely try growing them this winter! If you try my “Yummy Winter Squash Salad,” please let me know!

I also made a crustless butternut squash pie, and a repeat of the Spaghetti Squash with Mushrooms and Sage shared on the episode. Today is Monday and it’s all gone! Time to cut up my last Cinderella pumpkin!

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