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Please DONATE to help defray production costs of “Late Bloomer” episodes. My team of three gives me the best rates in Hollywood, but still each episode costs money. All donations come with my profound thanks!

Megan’s Editing Screen during a cut of Growing Heirloom Tomatoes

Donate - editing

Help me inspire people to grow their own food and take control over their food security. Your donation of any amount makes “Late Bloomer” possible and available for anyone.


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  1. joan Joseph says:

    Hi Kaye I live in Miami Florida can you please send me a few of the loofa seed I will love to plant them in my garden my address is 465 NE 165st north Miami Beach Florida 33162 thank you very much

  2. Elaine says:

    Lived in since ’86, moved to Scottsdale in past couple of years due to economy. Like Gilbert much better! However, coming to AZ from Oregon where I could grow anything, haven’t learned to grow here in AZ, and really want to learn! Love gardening and providing for my grown sons and hopefully grandchildren in the future. I’m a very willing and excited student. So very glad to have found your channel!

    • Hi, Elaine! I deeply apologize for missing your comment till now. If you’ve been following my vlogs, you know about my injury, and the play, and I haven’t had enough time to nurture my website. By now, I’m sure you’ve watched all my Phoenix videos and hopefully they have been of help. Also, I encourage you to contact Jacq Davis at Epic Yard Farm on Facebook. She also posts a few videos from time to time, but does not keep an active channel. She has great contacts “in the Valley” and is generous with answering questions. There is an AMAZING network of urban gardeners and farmers there and I know you will learn what you need to know and be inspired. But, please keep watching! I am finishing a video today with a gardener from Las Vegas and she talks about what she does to achieve success in the high desert. So stay tuned! All the best, Kaye

  3. I emailed you a week ago but I’m sure you are busy. I’d like to know where you got those green plant ties. I just discovered your blogs on utube. I think I’ve watched them all. Wonderful content. I am going to become a patron as I don’t watch commercial tv anymore so I’m glad to pay for content such as yours. Keep it up. I’m in the 2018 Master Gardener intern class and will be sharing your blog with them. Hopefully I can muster up some more viewers.
    Thank you, Hilary

    • This is fantastic news, Hilary, and I just resent the email I sent on 5/30 responding to your first email. Thank you for your support!! I REALLY appreciate you sharing. Tell your friends to peruse my playlists. I have visited a lot of gardens as well as documented my growth as an urban gardener in my Late Bloomer show, which I still hope finds a home on one of the streaming services. Where are you located? All my best, Kaye PS I’m just finishing up a video this morning and will upload by or before noon.

      • Hilary McDaniel says:

        Hi Kaye. I’m in HOT Texas. ☹️

        • That’s challenging! But, hopefully, you have plenty of water for the garden. You will enjoy the video I’m finishing now, High Desert Gardening Tips from a Fan. It will publish at 4AM. I tried to finish today, but just not possible. When you add stills to a video, it adds a lot of time to editing.

          • Hilary McDaniel says:

            I have 3 water collection barrels. 3000,1500,500. I also put out 5 gal buckets if/when it rains. I have 25 of them. I’m in the master gardener program so water conservation is serious for me.

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