Mob Grazing in Tennessee

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Mob Grazing in Tennessee, the latest episode of Late Bloomer, includes an interview with cattleman Lee McCormick at his 4000 acre ranch in Pinewood Tennessee. With additional photography by Heather Muro @MuroPhoto, original music, and wait for the bloopers! Don’t forget to subscribe!

Mob Grazing in Tennessee - Lee & Kaye

Interviewing Lee McCormick on Pinewood Farm

Lee details how mob grazing all over the planet could correct its carbon overload. Whether you are a meat-eater or not, holistic herbivore management is the best method to reverse climate change. For an earlier post of my visit to Pinewood, click here. Mob grazing reduces the cost of inputs in ranching and it’s important, Lee said, not to become a consumer rather than a producer, which is what has happened in industrial agriculture.

Mob Grazing in Tennessee - cows

Cows on Pinewood Farm

Lee’s wife, Mee Tracy McCormick’s autoimmune disease and recovery got Lee into vegetable farming biodynamically. Mee wrote “My Kitchen Cure” about her illness and recovery through diet. Their new farm-to-table restaurant, Pinewood Store and Kitchen, where Mee creates recipes with fresh, healthy, local food, is across the road from the farm and ranch.

Mob Grazing in Tennessee - Lee & Mee

Mee Tracy McCormick, TV Chef and author of “My Kitchen Cure” with husband Lee

Lee’s grass-fed and finished beef is butchered locally and available for sale at the store.

Mob Grazing in Tennessee - meat

Frozen beef selection available for purchase

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