Grow Broomcorn for Making Brooms & Fall Decor

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Grow Broomcorn for Making Brooms & Fall Decor – Follow my three-year adventure growing broomcorn, with the original intention of making my own broom. Tip: you have to grow more than one row to make a broom! With original music by Jon Pileggi.

Grow Broomcorn for Making Brooms & Fall Decor - brushes of seeds

Broomcorn brushes exploding with fall color!

Give it a try! It’s fun and broomcorn makes a beautiful border even if you do nothing with it, and it is an annual in temperate zones. Order seeds here or click on photo and help support Late Bloomer!

Grow Broomcorn for Making Brooms & Fall Decor - Order Seed

Click on Photo to order Amish Rainbow Blend Broomcorn Seed

This story culminates in a chance visit to Granville Island Broom Co., in Vancouver, B.C., when I was up there for the Vancouver Web Fest. Sisters Mary and Sarah Schwieger carry on the family broom making tradition in their charming store with hundreds of unique handmade brooms.

Grow Broomcorn for Making Brooms & Fall Decor

Handmade Turkey Wing Whisk Broom

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