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Last week, Late Bloomer Show was at the Vancouver Web Fest. According to festival founder Suzette Laqua, three years ago there were five web festivals in the world and this year there are 32. Some of the most exciting work now is being created expressly for the web, and Vancouver Web Fest is Canada’s premiere web festival. “Late Bloomer” was an Official Selection and a nominee for Best Reality Series. It was very exciting to see “Late Bloomer” on a huge movie screen for the first time! And it sounded terrific!

Late Bloomer Show at the Vancouver Web Fest - Kaye

Kaye in Growing Heirloom Tomatoes Part 4, which screened at #VWF2015

This was my first opportunity to visit Vancouver, British Colombia, and I wasn’t disappointed. The fest is located at a performance space right next to the Granville Island Hotel on Granville Island, which couldn’t be more convenient when you spend long days and evenings watching each other’s work and learning helpful information in seminars. In fact, there was little time to eat and explore the island, which is a former industrial area converted into an arts enclave. From galleries and art studios where you see artists creating work to professional theatre companies producing plays to restaurants serving Canadian cuisine, Granville Island is a fascinating place to visit. Oh, one holdover from the industrial era is Ocean Concrete whose whimsically painted silos were part of a public art project.

Late Bloomer Show at the Vancouver Web Fest - Ocean Concrete

Ocean Concrete, which has been a tenant of Granville Island since the 1920’s

The web content creators were all excited to be a part of Vancouver Web Fest and everyone was very friendly. Suzette greets you with “I’m a hugger,” then gives you a big one. She and development director Paula Hoffman have made this fest a must-attend for filmmakers and residents. Considering this is only the fest’s second year, sponsors have lined up to make this festival inviting and run smoothly. Animal trainers were there with ambassador animals to teach us how to work with animals on set. I found the wolves and raptors magnificent and learned so much.

Late Bloomer Show at Vancouver Web Festival - Buzzard

Mohave, 5 year-old Red Tail Buzzard from The Falcon Lady

Late Bloomer was the only series out of dozens, in numerous categories, about growing your own food. I took the opportunity at the microphone to educate the crowd about the importance of food freedom and the best way to assure that is to grow your own.

Late Bloomer Show at the Vancouver Web Fest - Kaye at mic

Kaye at the microphone at #VWF2015

“Late Bloomer” has reached another milestone, 60 episodes, which was jaw dropping to some at the festival. I am very proud that I have been able to continue producing episodes which, by the comments I receive on this website, on YouTube and Facebook, have inspired people to try to grow food. If you are just discovering Late Bloomer, please sign up at this website and download my free ebook “10 Steps to a Great First Garden.”

I was a complete garden novice when I produced Episode 1 “Welcome to Late Bloomer,” and I would have never imagined I would have 60 episodes online and be a nominee at a web festival three years later. You may have noticed that “Late Bloomer” became “Late Bloomer | Urban Organic Garden Show” on YouTube and Google+. Now, my show is much easier to find being consistent across Google. And Late Bloomer Show at the Vancouver Web Fest found a new set of viewers! I returned from Canada to a record Los Angeles heat wave and have been running defense in the garden and with my seedlings all week.

I have learned a lot in three years about plants, plant diseases, and insects and I hope to be able to continue to share what I am learning on “Late Bloomer.” Your support is crucial. Please share “Late Bloomer” with a friend, and help it grow. With more and more urban gardeners and people returning to the land to grow food sustainably, and saving heirloom seed, we can all feel more confident about the future of real food. The best way to know what’s in your food is to grow your own. Thanks for reading, and happy gardening! – Kaye

I receive a small commission for promoting products I’ve used and believe in. Your support of these products helps me to continue to produce “Late Bloomer” episodes to inspire people to grow their own food and take control over their food security. Click on links or photos to order products! Thank you!

Help me inspire people to grow their own food and take control over their food security. Your donation of any amount makes “Late Bloomer” possible and available for anyone.


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  1. Absolute wonderful write up – thank you Katie! And beautiful photos! Can’t wait to see more episodes!

  2. Hi Kaye ,
    I am so proud of you for speaking the truth and doing so with such grace and humor . I hope you do get time to visit my gardens this year. I plan to plant a lot more herbs and flowewrs .

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