Fall Sprouts – Part 3

| December 20, 2012 | 7 Replies

As the sprouts surge from recent rain, the number of species left to sprout is winding down. A few more seeds have sprouted, with a few more to go. Check out the last post, if you missed it, to see what’s sprouting in my Late Bloomer garden. I sprinkled dill seeds on the parkway to fill in where my sunflowers were. It is sprouting up all over!


Dill Bouquet Sprout

This buckwheat has self-seeded in my flower island.


Common Buckwheat Cover Crop Sprout

These poppy sprouts are tiny and incredibly delicate at this stage.


Hungarian Blue Bread Seed Poppy Sprout, Rare

Sort of looks like red tongues already! That’s a nasturtium top left. It has reseeded all over the former watermelon patch.


Red Deer Tongue Lettuce

A packet of wildflower seeds of 14 varieties of annual and perennial species came as a gift for ordering seeds, so I sprinkled it between the milkweed and sidewalk to fill in. It will bloom in the spring.


Wildflower, Alternative Lawn Blend

A fellow blogger in Ireland kept mentioning borage, so I thought I must try it. I planted it in the flower island. We shall see if it attempts to take over!

Borage Sprout

Borage Medicinal Sprout

Thanks for stopping by! What’s growing in your garden? Or, what are you planning for next year? – Kaye

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  1. lucindalines says:

    Neat that you are picking out the varieties. This is where I start pulling “weeds” then wonder where my plants are.

    • That’s the one good thing about a very small garden. I can easily control weeds. 🙂 I hardly have any. The tree across the street sends hundreds of pods over, but the sprouts are very distinguishable. Occasionally, I get a little grass weed from my neighbor’s lawn (which is inches away), but I pull those out. When I scattered seed, there were no weeds. – Kaye

  2. Everything is resting here, but a few roses are still in bloom.

    • Can’t remember when I last had a bloom on the rose bushes. Alas, not enough sun or some key nutritional deficiency I guess. I tire of trying to get the roses to bloom. Got any secrets? – Kaye

  3. oceannah says:

    Kaye you won’t regret the borage! The color is so blue and the taste of the flowers sprinkled through a salad is akin to cucumbers 😉 I love the color…so grey and monochromatic here of late.
    I haven’t even cracked open the FedCo catalog yet….after the holiday though!

    • The weather is finally sunny for a few days, and I have a cold. So, I’m not getting much done. And there is so much to do. Oh well, I’m going to take it easy and not fret it. – Kaye

  4. I miss the green already, and winter has just begun here in the midwest!

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